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For twenty seven years I suffered from Dartitis. Over these years, I beat the malady on hundreds of occasions, only to fall back into this clogging quagmire every time. Finally I determined the correct understanding followed by the proper response or remedy and have now been Dartitis-free for over six years.

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Darts in the local area

If you are in the area of South Devon and need tuition or are experiencing the symptoms of Dartitis, I can help.
Nervous disposition or prone to retribution?
Please don’t read this , I beg you to bypass the site and the book.
The input in both is dangerous to your health.
Do not be silly.
You will not like this information.
Do not be brave, you will not want to read this.
It’s full of that obnoxious element named the truth, a constituent that most people can’t abide, no matter how much they profess to crave it!

This site has been set up to help eradicate the condition quaintly designated as Dartitis in darts and the yips in many other sports.
The site will hopefully enable me to gauge the interest so that I can estimate the numbers of books/tickets that will be needed to be published.
This is in order to organise seminars, where the subliminal solution will be introduced. This is open honesty I intend to use a subliminal remedy, I’m telling you this now, I will not do it behind your backs unlike the vast majority, ‘if not the whole of this worlds governments’!
A great deal of people will see the word subliminal and immediately shy away, they will imagine various scenarios from hypnotism right through up to and including scam, so be it unfortunately this is now the way of the world!
But a subliminal response has to be used, as this is how Dartitis and yips were originally invoked in us, albeit and hopefully inadvertently?
In all walks of life we are bombarded by the subliminal, it’s probably still being used in the cinema and the TV, although its utilisation was supposedly outlawed. Yeah Okay?

“Impersonal forces over which we have almost no control seem to be pushing us all in the direction of the Brave New Worldian nightmare; and this impersonal pushing is being consciously accelerated by representatives of commercial and political organizations who have developed a number of new techniques for manipulating, in the interest of some minority, the thoughts and feelings of the masses.”
– Aldous Huxley, Preface to A Brave New World

Patriotism and jingoism immediately spring to mind!
Therefore entailing the slaughter of millions, someone had to pay for certain peoples greed, Obviously the past transgressors have flown of to join the choirs emmanuel, or hopefully not!  Notwithstanding that, their descendants who have undeniably benefitted must be held  culpable!

In nearly all sports there is a malady that strikes down top athletes in their prime.
Why the complaint appears and persists has  for so long remained a mystery to all, yet it becomes a lifelong affliction in nearly all cases. I must state now, that, although the resolution is applicable to all yip maladies, I am only interested in helping Dartitis sufferers.
I have used the medium of darts because I understand its technicalities. I do most ardently stress the word technicalities. Darts is one of the most precise sports, requiring astounding dexterity and rhythm. Darts is also the most maligned sport in the world. Not even recognised by the so called sporting authorities. Whereas it is one of the very few sports that can be called a true sport. Archery is a descendent of darts, once removed!
It also imposes on the thragger (thrower) a completely different and unnoticed mindset and attitude!
Most if not all true sports, owe their existence to darts. In darts many have developed a problem controlling the release of our Arrows of desire.We have adopted the grammatically incorrect name of Dartitis in identifying this dilemma.
In darts the most accepted manifestation of Dartitis is the inability to release the dart, but it has other guises.
Its severity is tempered entirely by the will power of the sufferer. Other symptoms will be forwarded in the book.
It matters little which handle is placed on this enigma, it is the same faceless problem in all affected sports.
This impasse of the yips has, ‘until now’, challenged and defeated the best minds we reputably have to offer.
As I say, I utilise the vehicle of darts. This may surprise a lot of people in the sporting world, until you are furnished with the correct response and its antediluvian history.
You will discover the fraudulence enacted from time dedicatory. Just as how strange it was that Edward heath signed up for the Common Market before the 1970 General Election when everyone of any merit, quite rightly had forecast a Labour win?
So why we had to have a referendum to extract ourselves from a European cock up which we never voted to join in the first place is beyond me. Democracy my arris!

The underhanded skullduggery involved makes Sepp Blatter’s little escapade look like a bit of pick pocketing.
It transcends all walks of life and shows you exactly what the powers that be, think of you.

De broer van Co Stomp trying to throw a dart. He is undoubtedly following the instructions he was given! The bemused others around him obviously know how they throw their darts?
Who is more at fault?
Who is more foolish?

Dartitis explained and solved

Dartitis (pronounced dart-eye-tis) is a condition which can affect darts players, and severely damage their performance. It can be compared to ‘the yips’, an expression used to describe apparent loss of fine motor skills without any explanation.
The sporting world looks down on the great sport of darts as a drunkards pastime and so readily believes the disinformation applied to it.
However, darts in its original form (which I will enlighten you about in the book) is one of the four oldest forms of successful hunting known to man and holds the answer to all yips.
For twenty seven years I suffered from Dartitis.
Over these years, I beat the malady on hundreds of occasions, only to fall back into this clogging quagmire every time.
Finally I determined the correct understanding followed by the proper response or remedy and have now been Dartitis-free for over six years.

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