Please welcome me to WordPress. This is my first post!
Not much to relay really, except to say that about seven years ago I discovered the reason why great Dart players get the debilitating malady ‘quaintly named Dartitis’. I wrestled with this problem for twenty-seven years until I came to the correct scenario and wouldn’t you know it, it also solves the riddle of what the yips are in other sports such as golf, baseball, tennis etc. In fact, every sport that suffers from its own variation of an unanswerable debilitating blight of their expertise!
This unfathomable enigma (I prefer the word paradox) as it’s self-inflicted and is undoubtedly aided by the so-called expert.
It destroys people’s livelihoods and threatens their s and others wellbeing. There was until, I arrived on the scene, absolutely no way out of this clinging quagmire If you exclude luck.
The only problem is, the reason destroys man’s beliefs utterly. It throws everything that we hold sacrosanct out of the window.
From our earliest historical documentation, up to and including pilot error and childbirth!
There are two quotes that are central to this whole scenario, one was (supposedly) proffered by one of the most eminent scientists of all time and states that “For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction”.
This statement was wholeheartedly accepted from day one and has never been challenged with any measure of nuance!
The other was written by a Scottish popular author and is regarded by the majority as a very glib saying that fits a great many synopses, nobody, ipso facto recognises what the hell he is really relating to. Being an extremely intelligent man he spent enjoyable durations of time hoodwinking the so-called intelligentsia. To illuminate a trifle, Piltdown man was partly one of his.
Sir Arthur Conan Ignatius Doyle, was a bit of a lad and the powers that be hated him. Whereas the great unwashed adored him. Whose the more famous now?
As for Sir Isaac Newton, Well; he never wrote that. He was much too smart for that impossible thesis.
That’s all I have to say.
Not much really?
Farao nu gesunde.




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