The sling or throwing board

Everyone knows what a sling is!
However very few if any, actually understand how it works or comprehends its articulations.
Its most renowned depiction is that attributed to David’s downing of Goliath and detailed in the Bible?
However what most people may find a bit surprising is that the Bible, (although most people automatically assume they’ve read it), never actually states that David slew Goliath with a stone slung from a sling,
The bible never stipulates this!
However its inference it strenuously and sneakily tendered.
Could this be one of the first uses of subliminal persuasion.
Lets forget about old D & G for now, lets talk a little about the throwing board.
Not many people are familiar with the wording “Throwing Board”.
Not a throwing stick, that’s just a lump of wood that you throw.
To simplify matters somewhat, most people will recognise various throwing boards by their varied indigenous terms.
Like the Inuit or Eskimo’s Norsaq (Bird Dart/spear), or the Woomera, of the Australian Aborigines, etc. etc.
There are many areas of the southern hemisphere that have differing names for the same piece of equipment
as they also use the throwing board all over Polynesia!
The Maori use  the Kotaha  and Otukou darts that utilised a thong system, a flexible launching system whilst their cousins use a rigid system.
Both systems were used by neighbouring societies, namely in this case Maoris and Aborigines neighbours from either shore of the Tasman sea; one used the throwing board; the Woomera or Wumera to throw their Winda (Javelin) usually made of Tecoma vine.whilst the other used a sling to throw their Kotaha and Otukou darts or javelins.
Their means of delivery, although they look so different are actually identical and the Kotaha together with the Otukou would not have been out of place in Europe, as they are the identical weapon using a delivery system that is also utilised with the Viking, Swiss, French, Poachers or Devon Bung Arrow, which I was lethally  adept at.
Whilst the Woomera was identical to the Throwing board utilised all over the South America’s.
A throwing board is a sling in all, but recognition, throwing a pointed missile, rather than a stone!
Later when both these systems were combined (much, much, much, later)
you then got a bow and arrow and also the Trebuchet.
Quite a statement , I know!
It does not matter what people write, access or get accreditation for.
It simply amounts to this, if you don’t know how its done, you have nothing.
You don’t, won’t and can’t even possess the imagination to evaluate the process, especially the outcome!
However the psychosomatic, will and must, fly in from that alien plateau of egoism. Denying what they can’t imagine and for that reason alone!
Denial born out of misinterpretation and disbelief!
It has been proven by a letter home from a conquistador relating the penetrating power of the Atlatl powered dart!
(I hate that word atlatl)  it is an Americanisation,  best summed up  by another Americanism; garbage!
The author had witnessed it, seen its lethal use, watched its penetrative power and the speed at which it travelled. He was a living testament.
Whereas anyone reading the description portrayed, can and would only assume that the reporter was sunstruck or had a touch of the trots?
So would therefore temper the descriptive.
A pointed stick thrown by a man with another bit of stick, passes straight through armour,
front, back and the sandwich filling?
I think not, as I can’t imagine it !
So therefore it has to be censored, cleaned up by the intelligentsia and must be made believable!
It’s all very well  having a thesis with the graphics, calculations and cyphers?
It’s all very enlightening and it is so completely useless!
The Bow and arrows action is misconstrued solely due to the rapidity of that action.
Therefore misread and accordingly misunderstood.
Thus leaving all Toxophilites with that Archer’s Paradox! Yawn, yawn.
It’s much easier than saying “I don’t appreciate it because I can’t envisage it!
Then the pleading “can you tell me which professors thesis it’s in”?
Next Question please!

When  you have eliminated the impossible!
Whatever remains?
No matter how improbable.
Must be the answer!