Your Inability Proves Susceptibility


The word yip’s was apparently coined by Tommy Armo, a golf champion and later a golf teacher and coach.
The latter vocation bothers me somewhat, as although the man was undoubtedly a great golfer, he really should not have taught or advised on how golf was played, (if he actually did this). He “I believe” knew he was in error to advise on something that he obviously was once extremely good at, but equally as evident could not do anymore, he did not know how he did it he only had obvious mistaken memories of what he did. The same occurs with all sufferers in all sports, this is a one hundred per-cent cast iron fact.
When you have been a player of some renown and are struck down by the yips. You’re fundamentally dragged down to below the ranks of the novice, the learner, the also ran’s! You, because you have scaled the heights of the outstanding,  will not even be able to attain even these lowly degree. Your memory will see to this!
When the yips assails you, you will have no idea whatsoever, why.
So how can you coach or advise on something that you were once extremely gifted at, but didn’t (no matter what you think) know how you did it,
So,  “as it has been proved time and time again, without anybody appreciating or even contemplating the fact “, you, nor anybody else, has any idea why they cannot perform now, as they did before?
No matter how you try, no which documentation you peruse,or who you listen to, you cannot and will not fathom it out with your accepted mind-set; you can’t beat this beast, unless by sheer luck!
You cannot in all honesty and with any decorum explain what you did with any veracity whatsoever! Because what you recall is just a figment of a mistaken imagination.

There have been very few people who have beaten the bug and been able to throw correctly as they did before, no matter what you read or have heard.
Conversely there have been many who have appeared to have beaten it, but who have only really altered their throw to coincide with their mind-set, they really don’t throw the same as they did and the effort required to perform this newly found ability is usually absolute torture. However there are a few who have beaten it, but are completely oblivious as to why!
Contrariwise there are individuals from the second group who have been stimulated and have been elevated to the top echelons once again, who have then re-evaluated their newly regained throw, concentrated on what they now believe was the problem and have lost out again.
There is no way back for these. they have been doubly gutted!
Their self esteem is completely destroyed, they cannot accept another kick in the teeth!

I understand that the proposition I am proposing is radical and that it appears to emanate from a nobody.
Someone that has not won anything, or so you may think. An assertion from a nonentity which does not seem feasible, something so profound that it casts a shadow on your and most everybody else’s wisdom.
When I say (as I have always said), that when you cock the dart, or pull the dart back; you have to cock forward!
Also to pull the dart forward you have to pull back!
Does this not make sense?
I would be surprised if it did, as of yet you think differently.

If Tommy was advising on other aspects such as the general approach to the game everything would’ve been fine.
However if he  was suffering from the yips, he had no business advocating anything about the actual playing of the game!
How could he possibly justify that what he would have been supporting, wasn’t to blame for his failing,
Maybe it even promoted or prolonged the yips disorder.

I know and you must realise, (you really have to realise); that this is not an illness.
It is neither a physical or psychological malady.
It is only a  self inflicted disorder, our self induced beliefs in our ability to accomplish an impossible action.
It can be catalogued under the heading of stupidity, but that would bring us into the realms of the con artists of the world, not just from today, but from the beginning of time. But then again isn’t that called politics?
Our certainty that we are capable of and did,activate a certain procedure is quite inane.
It was professed by what we consider our elders and betters.
We accepted it merely because we are basically subservient, we want to be part of an accepted throng although most will have proclaimed a rebellious nature! Also because we are convinced we accomplished this proscribed action.
Accepted endorsements have caused you nothing but problems.
Testimonials so well established, and accepted, yes!
But not validated procedures. They’re usually from acknowledged gurus who’s offerings are above reproach and command huge sums. Their proteges are completely convinced in what these prophets say, they are the unquestionable and their inviolability is the norm!
Whereas in fact they are a load of shysters!
You’ve enticed into believing you do something, so that is that, your happy and full of the joys of spring, until you actually endeavour to do the thing you and the experts countenance!
The same has happened in all true sports, Archery, Cricket, Baseball, Darts, every sport.
Believe me you didn’t do what you believed you did and likewise if your playing brilliantly, you are not doing what you believe you are doing now!
Whether you believe me or not does not matter one iota.
What you, we, I can do is quite extraordinary,
We are a very clever and adroit species,
We are so clever that we can make ourselves believe, we have managed to convince ourselves that what we accomplish is something easily done, but truly speaking this easy accomplishment is something that is quite impossible,
We make ourselves believe that what we don’t see we actually observe and what we are actually feeling is the opposite of what we really sense.
To dispel this?
All we have to do, is use our common sense!
Our perceptiveness must follow!
Our pragmatism has been entirely shot to bits.
Your insight proves simplicity, this is best summed up by telling you that it it is not your insight, it is a monstrous age old subliminal persuasion.

For the English (Anglo Saxon), their programming began on the 14th of October 1066.
We are still under its influence,
Tartarus is waiting and Charon is definitely coming, bringing his hammer of retribution!
A lot of people have to pay!

When you have eliminated the impossible,
Whatever remains,
However improbable,
Must be the truth!