Believe or accept the following?

It really doesn’t matter if you believe it or me or, not.  History and the future will prove me and my assertions as correct
The following are gleaned from my/the book/manual.
They are fact, in every way.
None of these ascribes to anything written by or attributed to any doyen, expert or coach.
They all may at first glance be perplexing, however, this is only because of your outlook!
In fact what I am attributing to, is a double action that is so foreign to you, that your intelligence will not even let you contemplate it!

1. The point of the dart is not the front of the dart.
2. The flight is the front. (just as in Archery. This is part of their, the toxophilites self-induced Paradox)!
3. The dart is not pushed.
4. The dart is pulled forward, but backwards! Thragged!
5. The palm of the hand is not the front of the hand.
6. The front of the hand is (to be identified at a later time)?
7. We do not actually throw the dart at the Dartboard! Our action is away from the target!
8. In order to go forward, we have to go backwards!
9. We do not grip the dart, this is an absolute no, no! Regardless of, however, you’ve been indoctrinated!
10. We actually use a Grippe, a reverse grip or an anti-grip!
11. There is no centre of gravity on a dart for us.
12. We use a centre of mass! Or a converse centre of gravity!
13. Darts is actually one of the first four successful hunting techniques!
14. Darts has to be played in reverse.
15. The Trebuchet, sling, throwing board and obviously the bow and arrow actions are the replicated action of the original sling; man and the dart!
16. A correctly thrown dart is absolutely lethal!

All the above stated really are absolutely sacrosanct. You have never ever heard them before unless you have subscribed to those pointless dart sites that have carried and banned me and my teachings.
The world’s intelligentsia is going to kick up a hell of a stink!
However, they have too; because, as this is correct it brings everything ever taught and adhered to into question.

There are many more startling facts, but we will let the little grey cells calm down a bit.

When you have eliminated the impossible,
Whatever remains
No matter how improbable.|
Must be the answer!

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