Will you comprehend?

By now you will have read, most, some or all of the pages in this website.
You will have reached one of several conclusions on my regard,
ranging the full spectrum from the sublime to the ridiculous.
At one end of this continuum there will be some who will be certain that I’m a raving lunatic.
Others may grudgingly condescend that I may have something to offer.
Whilst a very minute, but distance keeping minority, know that I am correct.
Although the people in the final category, can and undoubtedly do do the action, they are ignorant of the procedure they command, they just don’t know how they do it, however they do recognise vestiges of the truth and can relate themselves to some points.

However recognising themselves in the narrative is like being marooned in limbo land, where it is far easier to deny me and the obvious alien magnetic  sensation they achieve, thus remaining part of the status quo, confidently, but falsely asserting along with the rest of the boys that they also push the dart.
Therefore they decry and denigrate the attester, Peter like?

Reverting to my mention of the spectrum for a moment, it is interesting to note that most people consider that the spectrum, or the rainbow, comprises of seven colours, those colours being red, orange, yellow green, blue, indigo and violet.
Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain style.
There in itself lies a lie.
A lie that proves my theory that if your told something often enough and also if implanted in the little grey cells in your early years you are going to believe it.
It backs up my assertions that; what you observe is not what you see, also and so much more bizarrely, that what you sense is not what you feel.
As for the spectrum, if we do not count the compounding of certain colours in the spectrum or rainbow, there are in fact nine colours, two of which we cannot see.
The actual spectrum consists of
Infrared, red, orange, yellow green, blue, indigo, violet and ultraviolet!
Idiotic Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain Unwisely
Just Because we can’t see colours, doesn’t mean they’re not there.
Cats can discern much more than us!
We’re so gullible, so ready to believe anything and defend it to the hilt!
The know all’s have been getting away with it for centuries.
Governments or custodians of laws of the lands have conned us since pre-history.
Well, will you comprehend?
Not a chance, your indoctrination has been to well ministered!
Your programming was so well disguised.
In fact this subtle proselytization is nearly complete.
Very few or any will understand this, ignorance is bliss!

The type of propulsion that you are so sure you administer to loose the dart, does not exist. So therefore you didn’t do it!
Also what the spectator so obviously espied, was not seen at all.


It is fact that throwing spears and javelins are in actuality weapons that are thrown to attain distance with a modicum of accuracy.
They generally require the use of a run up.
They are without doubt designed to achieve distance; a volley weapon. The omission of a stabilising aid in the form of a flight or a fin bears this out. This certainty is one substantiated throughout history, but conveniently ignored.
Also ignored is that the throwing spear/javelin was not a successful hunting weapon.

It is obvious that dart throwers have a far greater requirement for accuracy, rather than that for distance.
Having said that though, when you stand back and scale down the whole issue, you will discover that the distance required for the dart to travel is quite substantial considering the dart is very seldom thrown from the rear (although it can be) and that the use of a run up would be slightly frowned upon, to say the least.

For the most part a dart is held in front of your face to aim, therefore it is wrongly accepted that to traverse the gap between dart and board, requires you to push, Incidentally when you have grasped the whole procedure of throwing the dart the distance you can obtain is quite phenomenal!

This is the basic mistake that nearly everyone makes. I am not saying that this train of thought is the sole domain of the Dartitis sufferer, it is certainly not!  Even good players who have never encountered any problem accept this hypothesis.

What I am saying is that nearly everyone who throws a dart (with no exceptions as yet!) is under the delusion that they push a dart. An actuality of a push or the unattainable act of pushing isn’t found anywhere in act of throwing a dart. In fact it’s not found in the action of any weapon or object that is thrown. The actual idea of pushing is a very poor description, a misnomer leading henceforth to a paradox both physical & psychological. Eventually it will lead to injury and the need for a medical operation and probably on your back!
The only place that the push exists in darts is in the throwers mind and all because the thrower has misunderstood the reading of their throw.

It does not matter at all that they are not pushing; their utter conviction is an all-powerful stimulus. They are certain they are and that is that.
It is all that matters.

This mistake only becomes obvious, but obstinately denied when something goes amiss, however the question regarding the type of impulsion never enters their mind because they are certain they pushed. Their thinking will be a “No Probs attitude” and are absolutely positive; that what they imagined they were doing was correct; the, “I know what I do to throw my dart, I’ll just carry on and do what I know I did!


You’re thinking on the throw!

As I stated many do envisage that the dart is a variation of the Javelin or throwing spear, if you had adhered to the aspect of pulling the dart as they do a javelin, maybe the problem would not have arisen. I don’t know, but I doubt it very much.
However as I said, I don’t know, so I cannot comment on this, anyway this was not the weapon that I bracketed.

A thrown spear and javelin are propelled by a long pull along the length of the weapon shaft. It is here that I wish to enlighten you with the basic set up of throwing this weapon.

It has a complimenting and equitable action which is also part of throwing a dart but differs in one massive factor.

In Javelin & spear throwing, the athlete and the propulsion system is always on the inside of the weapon |(and in most cases also under the weapon, hence a COG is administered) they apply the inertia to the near side of the weapon. In darts a push would appear to be the obvious answer?

However, to achieve that distance of 7’ 9 1/4” accurately and regularly with a push would require an immense amount of strain and effort. The accuracy and power attained would be “as Dartitis sufferers have discovered” haphazardly minimal.

The exact opposite is required to power a dart accentuating the accuracy and inducing an immense amount of velocity.

The power type required to attain both accuracy and distance is a Kezo a scoop a flick a pull a thragg.

To achieve both criteria’s, we have to set up a pivot point (one of quite a few) and administer the pull on the upper right rear of the dart. However to do this we have to administer it on the outside upper rear of the dart, but from the front.

It is the real arrow/javelin throwing board action apparently now called the Atlatl. I prefer the Throwing board description or one of the more numerous,  more accepted and ancient titles, The Inuit (Eskimo call it a Fagelpilkast, (the bird dart), the Aztec’s Nuatl or Nahuatl, the Mayans Hul-Che, the Australian Aboriginals still call it a Woomera, one European area called it a Swiss Arrow. In my neck of the woods it was known colloquially as a Bung Arrow, they were all used by hunters and (because of the greedy  hierarchy) poachers for thousands of years. In the north of England it’s called the Viking or Yorkshire arrow.

The Atlatl (A name probably coined by the Americans) is  probably a different animal, Because after studying the way the self-proclaimed so called “expert Atlatl  throwers” are trying to launch  this newly rediscovered weapon, they are obviously definitely two different types of weapon.
They aren’t really!
It’s just that the so called “experts, history changers, invention purloiners”, call the Americans whatever you will, just can’t do it!
It’s really quite funny to watch actually and Weapon Masters that’s another joke!
The Dart; the humble dart, butt of many a caricature is the pre-runner of all the pointed missiles. It is really far from obvious today in the game of darts, mainly due to the reduction of the distance to the target.  Consider this; that before you can develop any propulsion system you first have to have the projectile and what it is not only essential, but far easier than to duplicate the original way of despatching it! Archers & Atlatl throwers please take note.

Combine this with the fact that over the years we have been conditioned by ourselves and others, that a dart is pushed.

That is why almost everyone that you ask will state emphatically that a dart is pushed.

You honestly believe it, even if you never did it, you only thought/knew you did it!

It is a paradox of the highest and most perplexing type.

Firstly let us end the anguish as to the type of weapon we are holding. We are using a bow and arrow which is in its self a facsimile of its nearest fore-father the sling or its offspring the trebuchet, however what these have in common is that they all reproduce the correct action of the hand thrown dart!
We are Toxophilite’s in its truest term; it should be Darts in the Olympics, not archery.
However we are also a Trebuchet and we are also a massive sling. David in fact was a bit of a bully as Goliath never had a chance.

To take this actuality little farther and I am afraid bring the Archer and their bow to the place it truly belongs. A Bow “I regrettably inform you all! Is, nothing more than a sling? Nothing more, nothing less! Archers carry accessories to aid them in the completion of their particular skill. A bow and bow string are fundamental garnishing for Toxophilite’s and their practiced forte would be a sad sight to behold without them.

But; and here lies a fascinating oversight.

Archers also carry two other pieces of vital equipment (apart from the quiver) and in a round-about way they hold the reason for Dartitis and the much cited Archers paradox!
I refer of course to the arm guard or wrist strap and a finger grip or tabs. If an arrow is pushed from a bow as stated on many an Archery website and in a multitude of written paraphernalia, why do you need an arm guard/strap/protector. It may also beggar the question why a Yumi archer does not wear one. It’s pretty obvious why really!

Darters are fortunate enough to have their bow and bow string with them at all times. They are the true Archers. Obviously they don’t require an arm guard or wrist strap, but saying that we must take into consideration why an archer wears one.
The Archer wears an arm guard or strap because the bow and string when fired wants to perform a follow through. However it can’t, as the strings line of travel is blocked by the forearm. Hence the arm guard because the string bloody hurts when it hits your forearm without the guard it would certainly draw blood on repetition.
Once again the little slip of the tongue

Are you mad I hear you cry? Far from it, in fact I am probably the only one in the sport of darts who realises what the correct way of throwing a dart. How it originated and various other facts overlooked by the many experts, as it does not fit their hypothesis. Let me give you an alternative way of looking on one enormous problem that doesn’t even register in your brainbox as a problem at all, an accepted belief that isn’t even set as a problem, it’s just a correct statement misinterpreted.
The Follow through. Whoever stated that it’s the hand that follows through?

Once you’ve rejected the ineffectual?
Whatsoever persists, irrespective of its superficial impracticality?
Is requisite to the key!