The Atlatl, heh heh!

This is a joke, not the weapon, but the name.
This weapon delivery system is correctly named as a throwing board, it is utilised all over the globe under the guise of different names it powers a lethal dart when used correctly. The operative word is correctly!

The above is the wrong way to throw the dart with the throwing board (Atlatl).
It is wrong on three counts.
Its original use was for hunting, the technique was later, sadly adapted for warfare.
Hunting animals for food is far harder than confronting a man in warfare; animals are much smarter than us.
The first mistake depicted is that the thrower is on the move,
The second is that thrower has broken his profile.
These two wouldn’t matter later as the throwing board was used to deliver the missile in warfare, but it would prove to be detrimental to a good hunting technique leading to the loss of the prey. Persistence of the above depiction would have led to a certain termination of mankind. This is not how you bung the missile using a throwing board. The near total loss of this true and almost original art of hunting.
Today only the true dart thrower has retained this expertise; You know, the alehouse frequenter.
The third is obvious to all, but people are too blind or programmed to see it.
It is not hidden, it’s right in front of your face!
However it’s amazing that we accept, we are oblivious to obvious misconceptions.
There is nothing more deceitful than the evident truth and the advocate’s miscomprehension!
When you know how a dart is thrown you understand everything. When you have eliminated the impossible, you will feel cheated and betrayed. You will not only feel betrayed for yourself, but also for all of your ancestors,

Evolutionary wise it is the throwing board was probably mans third successful attempt to deliver a penetrating weapon after the sling and the hand thrown dart,
However it never surpassed the second.
Add to this another joke, the worlds Atlatl association, The way they try to use this particular throwing board to deliver the dart or javelin is quite pitiable!
Note; not a spear, the projectile is not a spear, you stab with a spear!
Also where they administer the action is completely wrong.
Most experts state that the throwing board is a delivery system that uses leverage to add greater velocity into the projectile with the aid of the spur on the extended concave throwing board.
They notch the spur into nock at the butt end of the projectile.
They state that the projectile is delivered by the action of the upper arm and wrist together with the throwing board, thus forming a lever.
Absolute poppycock!
What you have here  is another of those befuddling ocular cock-ups. Rock or cave paintings and later depictions appear to illustrate a positioning and approach to throwing the dart, as described above, but this is only what you observe, not what you see.
These are rock artists not John Everett Millais painting Ophelia!
Also the comprehension is completely asymmetrical.
The belief is that you power the dart forward.
Yes the dart undoubtedly does go forward as we decipher forward, but the action is backwards!
Now let’s get this stupid word Atlatl into context.
I suspect, in fact I am convinced that the word Atlatl is derived from a mistake.
A mishearing of another word, it was devised from the name of the accepted language of the ancient Aztecs who supposedly spoke a language called Nahuatl, i.e. Atlatl from Nahuatl.
Nothing more sinister or difficult to comprehend than that!
Some American probably devised this word.
Firstly you have to understand the mentality of the Americans or lack of it.
They have a “what we would know as an inferiority complex” whereas in their case, this is not a complex.
They have to be seen as being the instigators, the leaders, the worlds police force. everything has to be sanctioned by them.
They are the only victims of their own propaganda.
They actually believe the guano they dish out at the cinemas and on the WWW. What doesn’t suit gets deleted.
Even the worlds money markets have to be aligned to the mighty dollar or they get the proverbial bitch on.
They have to control everything, oil, gold everything including pork bellies!
If you want to know how clever they are, have a quick decko at the American debt clock?
Just wait until 2017!
They also have to have input, they basically, but erroneously think that they are important.
Likewise people seeing someone using an Atlatl are suitably impressed, but they would laugh at that demo if they could actually witness the correct administration.
Accurately throwing the projectile 200 yards (182.88 meters) is a very average throw.
Throwing with a throwing board is not a revisited ability, it’s been around since the original inception, never has it gone into extinction. However it wasn’t first, even its direct predecessor using a cord, vine or bit of sinew was only second.
This cord applies the action and rifling better than the board and you can easily do it upside down with the sinew adaptation, which is extremely hard to do with a throwing board.
That incidentally is how Harold Godwinson got his, at the Battle of Hastings! Which was probably fought at Baldslow not Hastings or Battle?
Even the English are prone to a little poetic un-license
If you combine the throwing board and the cord (sling) you get a strange thing called a bow (bough). Yes a bow; as in bow and arrow!
If you apply a pouch you get a Trebuchet.

When you’ve disproved all the lies
Whatever remains
Although undisclosed
Must be the truth.