Trust our governments?

Intrinsic or inherent beliefs.
We are full of them and it.
The history books are full of them so therefore we are full of them and it!
If it’s taught in the educational establishments  of the world it has to be correct,right?
What is preached, has to be true, our respected tutors have told us so, we’ve likewise all perused tomes preaching the undeniable facts. It is all so unquestionable.
Long before computer science and the electrical programming was around, thousand of years before the the  Ukadians devised that Colossus at Bletchley Park! We were being calibrated, subliminally conditioned to slip into our assigned slots.
Most felt quite pleased with themselves, 11 plus, Gcse’s, diploma here diploma there, batchellor this Doctorate that.
Books and Teachers have been around for a long time, somebody realised a very long time ago that the human mind is very susceptible and basically quite stupid.
You must show your working’s out!
Animal farm is not a joke
Work it out, use some savvy, which is really programmed the computer or the programmer hence the computer user.
As an example

The Taboo on smoking.
The following are known to be harmful and are in tobacco smoke!

You will note that Ammonia does not merit an asterisk, but also does not appear in the diesel poison list below, which is quite surprising as its inclusion would be a beneficial!
There are over 7,000 chemicals in cigarette, cigar or pipe smoke.
To produce this smoke you have to burn the Tobacco.
Doh! thats so obvious!
However you also have to burn fossil fuels to power most horseless chariots. Don’t even, misuse your intellect by citing electric vehicles!
Here cum de con?
The con culminated or really started with the introduction of lead free fuel as opposed to leaded fuel.
But the foundations were initially laid down with the base petrol  in the early days of the automobile!
When all the parameters are studied, there appears to be no difference whatsoever between the two derivatives.

Maybe Mr full scam emerged  with the invention of a  non-essential  piece of rubbish named the catalytic converter and the manufacturers thereof.
Parenthetically did you know that the cat con verter doesn’t kick in until the engine reaches a certain temperature, which usually takes about fifteen minutes.
Also after about 15,000 miles, they are completely knackered and need to be changed, apparently they can’t be cleaned or reconditioned. So its so bunged up its impossible to clean!
Strange that?
I wonder what it’s bunged up with?

What follows are a few the more poisonous components emitted from diesel exhausts, the same, I am sure, would also be applied to petrol engines, if the relevant information was available.
acetaldehyde* same as Acetylene *
antimony compounds
beryllium compounds
chromium compounds
cobalt compounds
cyanide compounds*
cresol isomers
dibutyl phthalate
dioxins and dibenzofurans
manganese compounds
mercury compounds
methanolmethyl ethyl ketone*
Benzo -pyrene A
Benzo-pyrene E
polycyclic organic matter
selenium compounds

Smoking is supposedly the largest cause of  preventable killer diseases in the world.
An immense amount of infections  are bracketed under “smoking related diseases” every year this list grows more and more, being cited for just about everything we pop our clogs with.
When they get to crossing the road to get a packet of fags and getting run over by a lorry , then we will have inadvertently and accidentally really hit on the true cause of the cancer plague! However, surely this would be better formatted under the Combustion Engine Related Diseases. As this is definitely preventable and this is without including the 1.3 million average annually killed on the worlds roads.
However maybe people would belatedly question why ?
Tobacco tax grossed the government c.12.5 Billion pounds in 2013, a very substantial amount I am sure you will agree.
When fuel at the pumps was £1.30 a litre
The base cost was 50p per litre.
The VAT was 22p per litre.
But the fuel duty was 58p.
Road Tax?
Since 1937 there has been no direct relationship between the tax and government expenditure on public roads.
The 1903 act passed the responsibility of gathering the tax from the inland revenue to the county councils. Even then they  didn’t want to actually do anything for the tax they purloin. Nothing changes.
In 1903 the annual road tax was £1 for a car and 5/s for a motorcycle.
This was paid to the county councils who actually did maintain the roads and remained this way until 1974, then the government saw “rip-off”.
More acts in 1909 & 1910

These Acts stated that all money raised from vehicle tax should be for road maintenance and construction. As we sadly all know it’s no longer the case.
I wonder when this law was repealed,
In 1908 An act named the Finance Act, put 3d. per gallon on petroleum spirit, bringing the cost of a gallon to 1s-1½d. you bought it at a hardware shop or even a chemist usually in a two gallon can.
In 1928 the tax was raised to 4d and the tax has risen for every undeserving government ever since.
In 2012/13 Tobacco Revenue netted the UK government
Excise duty 9.7 billion
Vat 2.6 billion
A grand total of 12.3 billion
In 2009 the revenue stolen from its people by the powers that be was a mere c. £25.900 billion with another c. £3.900 billion in VAT.
Today the equivalent would be calculated at £33,047 billion and that’s a very conservative assessment.
If you were a government trying to hoodwink a population into believing that you and your party were trying to maintain the health and well being of the populace. Which of the two evils would you proffer as the main culprit of cancer.

Lets not forget that the price of all goods delivered to outlets also incur a tax.
Also keep in mind that there are 189, 191, 192, 193, 194, 195 or 196 independent countries in the world. According to which relevant quoted expert you goggle at, heaven knows where the 190 assessment went.
This is a very naive and waggish input, however like all humour it has to comprise of a certain amount of truth to make us laugh, especially if, as with the English,  we laugh at ourselves  and our mistakes.
Everything above is fundamentally true, so start laughing.
The clowns, oops, I mean politicians have been entertaining us for ages please don’t disappoint them,  as becoming professional politicians cost their families a lot of money to send them through university.

Is political science = The art of convincible porky pieing,  or the more subtle act of detracting implication?
There is a very old but true joke that asks,
“How do you know when a politician is lying?”
A= His lips are moving!