Who We Are

We is actually me!
My name really does not matter, but many septic dart websites,  “most that I have  been unduly banned from for life”,  do know me as Bo-Jangles.

I was born in Brixham, Devonshire, UK in 1952, although my home town is Torquay.
I first became involved in darts around 1977.
My father played darts for his local Conservative club in the Torbay Conservative League on a Friday night.
Darts was a religion over the weekend, everybody played and played well.
My father loved the sport, although he was, at best, a fair to average player.

Also in the team was a very good dart player who inevitably beat my father and usually everybody else in house competitions and such. He, at the time, appeared to me (on reflection I was probably mistaken) to strut around like a rooster. This always really got up my nose and I decided there and then that I would get myself a set of darts, practise and come back to dish out a bit of revenge for my father and the rest of the team.

That I duly did, playing in all competitions until I or somebody else had eliminated him. I really never had any intention or desire to win the competition. This was the only reason that I took up playing darts: cold-blooded revenge!

I was always fairly good at most sports and when darts took my fancy I rapidly became very good at it.
As said, I toiled to beat, “I should actually say, comprehend Dartitis” for a hard, long, tortuous 27 years, plus another six years scrutinising my findings and trying to prove myself wrong.
This statement may sound rather strange, but I had to prove to myself that everything was correct, I had to be truthful to myself.
Whilst deliberating, I observed peoples voracious, almost insatiable desire to see others fall flat on their faces.
I basically have five failings, I have an awful habit of telling the truth, I can’t and don’t countenance fools, I never forget and I certainly can never forgive. The fifth? you’ll work it out!