What We Offer

Although I like most genuine sports, my true love is darts!
My interest, is really with the superior dart throwers or thraggers, those that had the misfortune to fall foul of the dreaded yips.
Only great players, “no matter which sport the incumbent did dominate”, can suffer the yips.
In darts I can bring them back to their former glory.
I could also offer the same service in any yip stricken sport.
The operative word here is could!
However I have no intention of doing so, no matter which sport you aspire to.
You and that sport were so superior to the drunkards pastime.
So much so, that you have all looked down on it and voiced bellicose remarks for so long. This will will cost you dear.
You can work it out for yourselves, which inevitably somebody will.
Then they can baffle us with graphs, calculations, computations and probabilities etc. things that will prove to us how intelligent they are, you know what I mean; A bit of flannel!
Presenting it with great elucidation then accepting the adulation from their pusillanimous colleagues and undoubtedly receiving the booty  so loquaciously bestowed upon them.
Not that I mind it’s the way of this uncivilised world and always has been.
What really pigs me out though, is that the true visionary will be omitted.
When you realise and admit to the fact that some Troglodyte could and did do this 2,000,000 years hitherto!
I knew that I did a certain thing, a certain forgotten modus operandi that was and is censured across the board, but it took me 27 years to work this out.
To recall this.
I couldn’t remember this, as I had simply forgotten, just the same as everyone else had, or alternatively ‘and just as likely’ had not noticed that they or we did this inconsequential minuscule action in the first place. All through my years of suffering I never realised I had done this, but as soon as I remembered I knew;
I didn’t even have to throw a dart for confirmation I just knew and it was all down to that wise old adage
“Familiarity breeds contempt”.
Of course it was liberally and regularly sprinkled with that priceless readily accepted commodity;
The Lie!
Without recall, working out  this 2,000.000 year old technique was an absolute Brodequin for the whole body and mind with it, it’s a doddle!
This surreptitious procedure that our antediluvian ancestors could do so easily! Was a true conundrum!
Your  sport’s individual doctors and sport psychologists have been attempting for decades to unravel this little poser.
After all they are the intelligentsia. They who must be obeyed or at least listened to?
Even when you don’t listen, you listen!
Maybe this is why no one has ever discovered that mystifying cure for the common cold, or could it be that it has been discovered, however ,saying this you have to accept that there is  a lot of money in over the counter cold reliefs, isn’t there!

For darts and the ordinary throwers who played to a lower degree, the casual pub player, there is no doubt whatsoever that the input will be beneficial and you would improve  a thousand fold.
However, I honestly have little time to be interested in you.
I apologise for this!
This is due  exclusively to the websites  that allowed, know all mediocre players of your ilk to malign me. As I said before I am very vindictive!

In darts, as there are in all sports, there are superior artisans, their thinking is completely different than the run of the mill also-ran’s. As with the champion in darts, the Dartist or champions psyche is far more diverse than the thoughts of a usual run of the mill player, although obviously neither group realises this.
But your mental attitude your mindset must, needs to be changed; To be re-altered to its correct and original source.
Obviously I have no degrees or letters after my moniker.
I received a good but short education, due to the fact that I was required to help put food on the table as soon as possible.
Nevertheless, I have always been the proud owner of a mass of logic and common sense. Just because something is stated in print or on the Internet does not mean it is true.
I am not a professor, a doyen, a bachelor of this, I do not posses a Doctorate in that, I am not a coach or an expert in this, or specialist in that.

I am though, the only one that understands this at the moment, but unfortunately I only offer the distasteful dialogue of truth no matter how unpalatable it may be to you!

However I do know what I am talking about!
The experts don’t!
Your call!