Why am I so sure?

Well the reason I am so sure is, that I can throw them again as I used to,

I did not adopt anything different either in my stance, grippe, angle, propulsion or more importantly mind-set.

When I actually had formulated the correct response and threw my first dart, I was ecstatic.

I knew instantly that this was it. I had re-found it.

You will also, ONCE AGAIN, FEEL IT TOO!

The dart flew like an exocet missile.

There was no effort, the dart adopted a linear path with only the smallest amount of gravity induced parabola.

I had lost none of my accuracy and I felt so elated it was unbelievable!.

The potency was there the impact was unmistakable.

Everything was in place, the Carol, Princess, McGregor, Albert, Pietersen’s, Ngazzi and Jenny were all in their allotted position and firing on all cylinders. The above personal designations area, actions and directions will be explained to you, either in the book or at the seminars. One ting I can stipulate here and now is that there is not one singular solitary push involved when Thragging a dart!

The Thragg and Kezo were working and I was applying the correct angles and direction.

What became so apparent to me then, “although I had accepted it for sometime before”, was that certain areas and their action/s had briefly unconsciously triggered the correct response in another areas, but concentration on these areas had eventually belied their authenticity as the culprit for Dartitis.

I then did a re-read and a bit more re-research into my quite extensive library of darts books.

Guess what?

Not one of the books, even mentions these areas at all, together with the fact that the action required is overlooked, each and every documentation was deficient! Also the emphasis is put onto a foreign unattainable type of propulsion.

Although at the time of purchase these books appeared to answer everything that I needed to know about how a dart was thrown.

This set me thinking a little more, maybe this area and subsequent actions was and were, not exclusively the answer to Dartitis.

Could it be, that darts, this bear guzzlers amusement had the cause of and thus the solution to yips in all other effected sports.

Especially the so-called “superior” sports.

The answer to that little poser was and is a resounding, Yes, yes, yes!

To all

You’ll laugh at me because I’m different, I’ll laugh at you because you’re all the same!

You’ll smirk at me because you think I’m wrong, I won’t smirk at you. Because I know you are!

Education and programming are not the same!