Other sports

There are masses of sports people out there that suffer from their own sports variation of yips.
Some come through them, but they are in a very small minority.
The majority are basically destroyed.
That once great sporting idol is forgotten, they served their purpose by entertaining the masses and bringing in the money. Now they are surplus to requirements and forgotten about. In fact, they have become a pain in the proverbial.

Why is this, what did they do to deserve it?
They actually did nothing wrong, except try to do what they were so sure they did!

When these sporting idols were growing up. They realised instinctively that they were a lot more gifted than the other athletes in their own sporting niche. This was not an egotistical attribute, as there fellow competitors or compatriots, also knew this for a fact.
These gifted athletes never really studied the rules or the manuals, they never actually listened to their instructors, never went to any sports colleges or there equivalent.

Likewise, you don’t get great footballers by furnishing a perfectly manicured and level field to play on, no the greats played and learnt their speciality playing in the streets or on the beaches. The up and coming batsmen never swung a Cenkos bat rather a lump of wood. He never practised at the Oval.
The emerging stars of golf aren’t kitted out with clubs by Honma or played a round at Wentworth.
Manufacturers of sporting equipment pontificate endlessly about what makes their brand so superior to their competitors, In golf manufacturers iterate as to why the heads of their particular clubs are so special, which actually shows up their ignorance, as that’s not the end of the club that matters.
When someone sinks a forty foot putt, it has very little to do with the club, more the prowess of the golfer and their love of golf, which incidentally isn’t a true sport.
They up and coming sports stars of the future watch other great athletes, subconsciously picking up the tricks and the skills. They see them, but they ca n’t observe them, yet instinctively they adopt them but never realise it!
They are fine until something goes amiss, they concentrate and then try to do what they knew they always did, secondly they pick up and read those manuals, so long discarded and finally in desperation they consult those dipstick doyen coaches.
The three biggest mistakes that it is possible to make.
They then develop bad habits listening to experts, read the tripe in the manuals and resort to their own bad memories.
Eventually, injuries ensue, usually leading to that unneeded outcome, in many cases, they concede to the inevitable and final debilitating outcome.
Its called an operation. They now have a ticket for the ferryman!

There is one awful restriction to all this, most sufferers if not all, obviously knew there was something amiss right at the beginning, at first they try to and need to hide the fact that they have lost their prowess. They conceal it for as long as possible! Cash in the pocket sees to this!
These people are heroes to most, to a lot they are idols, they even attain almost godlike status to a few.
This athlete craves and covets this adulation and also the wealth that usually goes with it.
To admit they have lost their edge would be like entering the realms of psychosis.
Apparently, since Tiger Woods has been out of golf for the reasons pandered, the cost to the PGA has topped the $20 billion mark.
So the prestigious stars attempt to bluff their way through it, hoping that the problem will not be obvious and will sort itself out, by itself.
The overwhelming majority of their supporters notice nothing for ages when they do click, they say that the player is going through a slump or a blimp. Sadly this blimp has been blimping for months and even years
Eventually it can be hidden no longer, however, the afflicted have already confided in a coach, psychologist or doctor, but all in camera.
There is no help, there can be no help. The mindset of all sufferers negates this.
Dale Steyne = Levering now “and has been for some time”, is not the best bowler in the world, far from it.
Kevin Pietersen = Rarely plays correctly now, he has become the perfect example of a scapegoat, the Anti-Christ. Which heralds the question, that if coaches merit their exorbitant fees, why didn’t Andy Flower see it, maybe Peter Moore’s will be more adroit. Don’t bet on it though!
Mitchell Johnson sometimes bowls with the right mindset and uses the correct action and area, but most times he doesn’t and can’t. When he does, he’s unplayable.
There are so many sufferers in all sports.
Andy Murray is ruining himself, he won Wimbledon with typical British guts and stiff upper lip determination.
What a shame he stipulated that he’s Scottish, not British.
People have a tendency not to forget!

When you have eliminated the impossible,
whatever’s left,
no matter how improbable.
Must be the truth!