Help other sports? It’s doubtful!

Do I want them cap in hand?
Or is it because “I’m here lad, there’s nobody else”!

Maybe none of the above

I would, if I had enough time give succour to other sports, but time is a massive factor and although I am a young 63, there is only one of me.
Unless I can find some truly trustworthy disciples, even darts is going to suffer!
So that’s unfortunately it. I do not have the time.

However, the real reason that I really can’t be hassled with other sports has nothing to do with me, the time factor or a fruitful search for dependable dart loving cohorts!
No, the real reason does not lie with me.
The legitimate rationale passed out of my hands before I was even born.

Other sports are in a terrible self-inflicted position.
The remedy would come to them as a hard and bitter pill for them to swallow.

Not so much as to what it is, nor what the intelligentsia of their particular sporting worlds couldn’t work it out, this includes the sports councils and its doctors, after years of supposedly hard endeavour, they strived, yet failed, they couldn’t discover anything meaningful, although they were comfortably furnished with multi-million £ or $ grants.
They failed miserably to work out this enigma of all paradoxes this oxymoron of all conundrums; the yips syndrome!
In fact, they fell flat dab on their faces, purchased university educations and all!
Makes you wonder where all that money went, monies possibly inveigled from national lotteries and the like?
Lottery monies supposedly to be allocated to deserving and needy causes?

The main reason is that of their own history, their attitude and their so superior sporting haughtiness. The treatment and bad mouthing most of these nonpareil sports practitioners dished out towards darts, is unforgivable.
Darts people so tried to get their genuine sport recognised as a sport. It didn’t want to be recognised as the true unassailable sport, that it really is!
It just wanted to be recognised as a sport, It wasn’t much to ask!
But the attitude of the condescending snobs, including and especially the self-appointed prigs who decided that darts could not be a sport, did for that.
Curtailed this small request to be allowed to join the throng.
Well, let me tell you all now, just what that attitude has done for you!
The worm has turned, as Darts, in fact, is one of four of the oldest sports, and all but these three others should bow down before it!
Darts the sport, according to the educated fools is only a pastime.
Not recognising that darts is the true archetypal hunting technique, so ancient that all true sports transcend from it.
They were actually developed to kill, to enable man to survive in the prehistory of time and because we are still here on this spinning lump of rock, so they obviously did it rather well!
But darts was maligned, badmouthed the religion of the true sportsman was excomunicat so to speak;
Shall we bring the mighty mouths to reality by recalling the following illustrious names?
In Golf;
Bernhard Langer, Nick Faldo, Ben Hogan, Harry Vardon, Tiger Woods, Sam Snead, and Keegan Bradley maybe Byron Nelson, but certainly everyone that uses one of those elongated putters!
In cricket;
Keith Medlycott, Gavin Hamilton, Collins Obuya, Dr Mark Bawden, these are bowlers but no-one ever considers the batsmen who are more prone, like Peter Willey and Kevin Pietersen.
In Baseball;
Rick Ankiel, Steve Sax, Steve Blass, Chuck Knoblauch, Mackey Sasser these are basically pitchers, base players and catchers and just as in cricket the hitters or sluggers are ignored. Records or proof are hard to ascertain, but they’re there. Maybe something to do with humiliation and or pride.
In Basketball;
Roy Denzil Hibbert and Chuck Hayes are just two who admit to the yips they are far from alone.
There are plenty of other suffering sports, but the ignominy is too great a price. Tennis, Snooker, Archery,  these are just a very abridged few, of the hand, eye coordination sports that suffer this plague.
What is not realised is, that the same condition is also apparent in foot synchronised pastimes such as football and rugby.
Some real money-spinning sports, I think you’ll agree?

Maybe some of these sports ambassadors will remember their little digs,
their jibes,
their slurs,
their insults,
Perhaps they may even recall their convulsive of belly laughs, that they undoubtedly enjoyed, when the skit on “Not the Nine O’Clock News”, hit the TV.
Oh, what a jolly wheeze, when Guy Fat Belly Gut Bucket, plastered Tommy Even Fatter Belly Belcher?
Oh, what unrestrained glee!

I am, whilst penning this, watching “The Open”, (a brief note for our cousins across the pond) it’s called “The Open” not the German, Canadian, American or any other open composition, it’s just The Open, like the Boat Race is just the Boat Race. Wimbledon is just Wimbledon, the FA Cup is just the FA Cup, and the Grand National is just the Grand National or even just the National!
Soon to be on will be the Commonwealth Games, the true epitome of sporting ideals. where the physically challenged compete at the same venue alongside their able body counterparts, with little discrimination.
Maybe in a few years time, we will let Pennsylvania Kentucky, Virginia and Massachusetts take part, after all, they are commonwealths?

You can’t buy history or even change it, no matter how much you try! Or are trying!
Can you imagine the absolute horror of the self-appointed higher echelons when King Harold was downed by an arrow in 1066?
Having to admit that this great Warrior King was brought to his knees by an archer, who was considered a lowlife an underling, a serf.
Having to admit this was devastating enough to the powers that were at this time!
Oh, why wasn’t he brought to his knees by some Chevalier with a great name and lineage, in singular hand to hand combat?

But; even this got worse, can you picture the scene when the powers that were, realised that this Great King had been brought crashing down, not even by an archers arrow, but by a Poacher’s arrow.
Oh, Woe is us and ours?
What of the powers that be?
What of the powers yet to come?
Keep it from the rabble, or were done!

Anyway whilst scribbling this, we are having brief glimpses of Tiger Woods as he struggles manfully with the 2014 Open.
A sad travesty, of a great champion and player, that he was, as he battles with what’s left of a game he was once king of.
Same problem, same remedy, as is Kevin Pietersen, hopefully, he will not transcend into what Peter Willey became. Together with all the others who have had to contend and are contending with this nightmarish problem of the yips!

See it, know it, understand it, never!
Not one of the commentators coaches usually made up of past champions etc. comprehend!
Many have actually had their own careers curtailed by the yips, but kept very quiet about it; to these, I say it can be seen by me and a tiny minority, but not; the well salaried “I’ve read everything” pundits of many sports.
They can’t see the reason, most don’t even recognise the result, nobody notices the outcome, until by default it’s so obvious, to miss this stage you have to be ophthalmically challenged.

No one else (as yet) can decipher it, yes they can tell you there is something amiss and we are all blessed with this gargantuan information.
Another throwaway statement, but we so needed to be illuminated thus, after all, we are only peons and need to be led by the nose, maybe that’s why the proposers command such massive salaries?

Thus, here above is the only reason that the other high stratum sports will never accept or ask for help!
I don’t have to do a thing or not do a thing!

Do you honestly believe that the other sports, the so-called superior, elitist sports are going to eat humble pie?
Can anyone tell me that these condescending haughty sports, the so-called reserve of the influential know-alls, will ever condescend to have their noses well and truly rubbed in it?
I think not!
Having one of the great unwashed, the beer swilling, fag puffing foul-mouthed darts player.
Having the descendants of serfdom telling you where you are going wrong.
The offspring of the cannon fodder who actually fought and won so many self-ingratiating bloodbath wars, for their truly greedy malignant so-called betters.
Listening to one of the broods who actually dragged the Wellington’s, the Wolfe’ and the Montgomery’s out of the guano.
Educating these obnoxious toffs to what their problem is and then furnishing the required response?
It’s very, very doubtful?
It’s not the done thing, not Cricket, what Ho!
Even Polo Players get this. Tallyho.

When you have eliminated the impossible, etc. etc.