I cite the English here, but they are not alone this can and should be applied to any so called democratic set up!

We have to do this, once you comprehend the absolute despicable nature of these, the rubbish, the so called hierarchy. It follows that they have to be eradicated!
Those that have dragged us, us the supposed lowly born into countless wars against other despicable wannabees, who have also dragged their lowly borns into the same good ole game of soldiers. Their offspring and every branch of every strain must be eradicated.

There can be no exceptions, they started it now we must finish it once and for all!
They must pay for starting all the wars that benefited no one except the bastards that had spotted an easy way to make a few bob saw some means of stealing something that somebody else had and they wanted, it didn’t matter that it would cost millions of people their lives, that never entered the equation. We are all very adept at feigning false despair and desolation when it’s all over!
Invoking into the populaces the prod of an undaunting belief, belief that they were standing up for the underdog against some insane demigod.
They appeal to our patriotism, they applying the nudge of jingoism to the point of xenophobia in order to  deceive the masses into taking the King’s shilling.
We, us and our forebears are even denied the honour we deserved, that of recognition of our heroism, that is and always has been  reserved for the idiots at the top, the people you read about in the propagandist revues, laughingly nominated under the heading of history.

They are the same bunch of rubbish that award themselves knighthoods and golden handshakes, solely for being complete and utter twats.
Those that have been taxing us uncontrollably and relentlessly for nearly a millennium.
They that are always starting wars under various pretexts robbing everyone blind at random and falling back on that good old scapegoat of the rule of law which in reality they initiated to protect their ill gotten gains and positions in the first place.
What I am going to relate will at first appear inane and insane, but eventually you will look back at the vast proportion of our history and realise how they have perpetrated every disgusting type of anti humanity, using their utter deceit and self appointed superiority pertained and retained throughout their criminal ancestry.
But first we have to bracket a date and a reason.
The date is circa the 15th of October 1066.
The reason is the death of King Harold Godwinson and the Norman; (Viking) schizophrenic perspective on chivalry.
We have to understand their vindictive childishness, their must win at all costs outlook. Their, we must remain at the top no matter what mentality, but above all, their dire need for secrecy at all costs.
Together with their belief in their superiority over us, the plebs! no matter what it takes or whatever they have to do!
Even changing history and altering all accounts, things such as removing an eight feet long portion of the Bayeux embroidery.
Not a tapestry as it is not woven, but embroidered!
Nobody ever questions anything, we gullibly accept the word and writings of the self appointed experts.
Until now!
However it’s completely up to you now!
You! you the descendants of the true English.
You offspring from and of the Damnoni, *Carvetii,, Novantae, Selgoae, Votadini, Brigantes, Parisi, Cornovii, *Deceangli, *Ordovices, Corieltauvi, Iceni, *Demetae, Catuvellauni, *Silures, Dubunni, *Dumnonii, **Durotriges, Belgae, Atrebates, Regni, Cantiaci, Trinovantes.
Little snippets that have been eradicated, added or conveniently misapplied for so long,  so as the truth which eventually  appears as complete fabrication and contrary to what you may think or have been programmed to accept! It’s so ingrained that the true facts will sound fictitious.
Facts like, that not all of England was militarily subdued by the Roman war machine!
Below is a list of tribes at the time of the Roman invasion of Britannia.
Tribes market with an Asterix * and their domains were not conquered and the lands of the Durotriges ** were only partly subdued, only up to and including as far west as Exeter (Isca) ! The Romans as a conquering force did not enter any of the asterix named tribes lands!
Also when Harold was killed at Hastings it was a complete kick in the teeth for the Normans who were in reality Vikings. Vikings who decades before had conquered and subdued Normandy and were forever expanding further and further into France.
The Chivalry thing!
You see chivalry is a strange beast it did not embrace the actual winners of battles and for a lowlife to kill a nobleman was just not on, even striking one of their horses was a certain termination job. (Henry V changed that).
Poor old Harold was supposed to go down fighting, His intended demise was that he would be heroically dispatched by one of the oppositions nobility, the hierarchy of the Norman force; a chevalier, after all, when all was  said and done he was royalty no matter if he was the opposition.
Imagine the scene after the event of Harold’s demise and Willy the bastard enquiring as to which of his so heroic Knights had done the deed.
Then duly having all the air knocked out of his sails when he was informed that the great English King was laid low by an arrow, sacrebleu screams William the illegitimate (sacrebleu or sacre-bleu means sacred blue or blood, occasionally sacreDieu), not a bloody archer screams Bill the Bastard, (Incidentally Royal blood was supposed to be blue which apparently has a lot of basis because the receptacle they ate or drank from had the ability of turning the blood blue)?
To be laid asunder by someone,, that these self indulgent malignant nobles regarded as a bit of a retard was devastating.
But, unfortunately it got even worse!
The messenger now had to swallow hard and say “no your highness not an archer, but a slinger!
You can imagine the blood draining from Willie’s face.
This must never be allowed to get out, a mighty king slaughtered by an dart or arrow thrower.
How could this have happened?
It is information that has never been disclosed before, but it is truth, the angle of the arrow or dart proves this!

Wiley Willie then definitely threw his toys out the pram went on a murderous rampage building castles everywhere and subjugating all and sundry with the help of many traitorous Anglo/Saxon high born’s, (didn’t do them much good as they got theirs eventually) all to keep the English tribes subdued.
Then feeling a bit of remorse built frigging churches everywhere, talk about a guilt complex?
However he hadn’t finished yet!
Coup De Gras
Then to forever keep the English in their places ‘never to rise above their status’ he commissioned the Domesday book or to give it it’s real title ‘The book of Judgement’.
It wasn’t really about what you owned, owed or where you lived it was purely to discern your name and ancestry and it’s still in use today, you are not going anywhere if your families name is in this book.
It’s the original black book and they still live and die by it.

It may sound juvenile and it is, but this is the mentality of what has and still is ruling us.
You can witness this in the houses of commons when somebody forwards a strange , but unacceptable notion. Talk about the 1st grade!
And for so long.
But maybe not for much longer?
Brexit could turn out to be the thin edge of a very wide wedge.
I do hope so!