A Paradox!

The word paradox really sums up our whole situation.
Because Paradoxes are self imposed! Although they’re not defined as such, which in itself is; yet another paradox!
This is a certainty and has to be appreciated when throwing a dart or living any way of life!.
There I go again, citing darts alone when it is a contagious condition in all sports and in fact all walks of life.
Just being one hundred per-cent certain that you, I or we are doing something, does not mean we are actually doing it.
Adhering to the preaching of a coach does not mean to say that you are complying to what they are designating.
It may appear that you are conforming to their teachings, but what you are both guilty of at this time (if you manage to do it), is correctly applying a  misinterpretation, or and more likely incorrectly applying an interpretation.
Also and just as clearly, is our lemming like readiness to accept the qualifications of the so called expert!
Just  being qualified to do something, doesn’t actually mean they or you can do it. Which is proven time and time again on a daily basis in all walks of life, all over the world!
Especially in the financial markets, soon the Wall St crash is going to look like a slight dent!
Any currency that is aligned to the mighty dollar is in for a massive rude awakening it’s not worth the money it’s printed on, fact; a $1 note actually costs $1.01 to produce. But that’s not the point, it’s the way it’s portrayed as being something special when all it does is inveigle other countries and denominations to back and invest in it and the land of the free-bee’s!
Get your currencies  detached from it asap!

Right, now I’ve put my toys back in the pram, lets get back to the topic!
However,  I believe the true meaning of the word Paradox is, is the way, that we; the supposedly so called superior organism on this lump of rock, look at any problem.
When we  look at a problem that will not conform to our thought patterns and certainly not our reasoning. We  attempt to make concepts fit actualities rather than actualities fitting concepts. I believe that the flight box or black box used on nearly all flights confirms this. Nearly every unanswered question of an aeronautical mishap is bracketed under PILOT ERROR. Nobody outside of this industry is ever privy to these findings.  Why? Maybe it’s because that the answers produced do not comply to the questions posed. Or maybe and more probably the questions asked do not, will not and cannot compute?
A computer can and will only work if the info placed into it is correct and entire!

In darts, when regarding  dartitis sufferers the most sensible responsible recommendation is, not to think about it and just throw it or, as in club held sports, just hit it!
It is without doubt the most sensible repost, sadly it is completely impossible to do!
Because to do it, means, that you must not think.
You must rely on muscle memory.
Most sportspeople do this, it’s pointless asking them what they did or how they do this, they didn’t actually think about it, so how can they remember? They only have memories, you cannot correctly recall memories, so what is the point? A real catch-22!
There are basically three major problems!
One is the recalling of memories.
The second one is advice.
The third is our arrogance!
Memories are just that; memories!
They are extremely unreliable and most will and do, cause you heartache.
Doing what you did before involves, not only doing your first recalled actions, but also doing the subconscious actions that you invariably also did, but didn’t, couldn’t  have recognised!
Doing what you knew you did, or more correctly thought you did, is a different kettle of frogspawn?
When the yips arrive, we all attempt to apply our convinced  recollections, this obviously will sort the problem.
I can, even to this day, hear myself thinking the same thing, now after all these years.
Even now, after nearly 4o years, what a plonker I was.
If I had known what this little problem would have taken out of me fourty odd years ago, I doubt very much if I would have bothered?
In fact I know I wouldn’t have embarked on this little crusade, because, quite honestly; you, the Dart throwers just aren’t worth it. Nor, ‘come to think of it’ are any other yip afflicted sportists.
However since I did, I had to see it through!
We all try to harness our past thought  patterns and attempt to utilise them.
But instantly we still find  that we are not able to do what we did before.
It’s like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle, but you only have half the pieces at hand and there’s no picture on the box. All the other pieces are still in the box, but you haven’t got a clue how to get them out. you haven’t been furnished the necessary acumen or key to open it. In fact you don’t even know there are more pieces.
However we are under the impression that we are in possession of all the pieces and are  adamant our memories are viable and complete, Being steadfast in the belief that we have all the pieces, we try to enforce or manipulate the  held pieces into some sort of picture and we do it again and again, but we are defeated every time. We don’t even know how big the puzzle is.
Our arrogance is staggering, so staggering that it never occurs to us that we are wrong, that we are deficient, that we’ve been deprived of most of the data required.
Your thinking is “What me, wrong? never”!
Never do we ever consider the possibility of our being in error!
Arrogance personified!
Ignorance unconstrained!
We then trust to our advisors by way of books, magazines, video, disc’s TV, even personal encounters and we believe and trust in them implicitly.
You have been subjected to  a  subliminal impasse!
Everyone will ignorantly and inconsiderately bear testament to what you already know.
The so called gurus and their diktats are of very little help as they are just as sincerely insincere, being also utterly convinced that they are correct in what they advise, they are also indoctrinated!
Their Phds, Doctorates, university degrees, all their pennons proclaiming their prowess are absolutely valueless, as they are.
As part of the big scam they helped sow, they have been willingly, but unwittingly trapped into it, but they cannot be afforded any sympathy. They have to be demoted?
We the sufferers, are eventually forced to  demean ourselves to the gutter, stooping to the lowest possible denominator; the meanest, vilest excuse available to validate our incompetence.
We use the justification of a mental condition.
What we have been  taught or advised about,  sounds achievable, feasible to the gullible and the excuse of a psychological escape road takes the onus away from our supposed ineptability. (New Word)
To disagree with the teachings is branded; Anarchy!
Belief in the trusted enlighteners, relieves us of any blame, with the oft times pleadings of, “but that’s what what’s-his-name said; it has to be right, because he’s an expert and throws brilliant darts, he’s won loads!
It must be psychosomatic?
It also automatically switches the attention away from the problem. as we’ve  blamed our intellect for our inability to perform, whereas it is our false memories telling our body via the brain to perform a specific action or actions as it recalls. Which unfortunately  just so happens to be an impossible endeavour as one of the prescribed actions is in fact at very best, a reaction!
The brain transmits a command to the body from memory and the body tries to apply this so called misnomered  action, but hits a massive wall?
So when the body sends a message back to the brain, saying “that it is not capable of doing this pre-ordained, but totally impossible action (non action). by way of a malfunction (the Yips or Dartitis)” we all automatically assume that the brain and not our memories is at fault.
So, as the body does not and cannot contain this fully endorsed ability, our attempts to perform this  accepted and sanctioned action must meet an impasse!
We are well and truly stuffed.
This is the cul-de-sac of all cul-de-sacs.
The road to nowhere is open and we head down it with due haste and blindness.
What is sanctioned and accepted as an action by all and sundry and apparently easily adopted by us is in fact an impossibility.
We even hear this word before we’ve taken breath or left our mother’s womb, so therefore, it has to be a verified valid attainable action.
Moreover it is sanctioned by all, so it’s accepted that we can and do apply it,  we don’t even consider it, We know we can or do. So therefore  we are off on our way into a endless void.
It may take any length of time for Mr Cataclysm to kick us in the arse, but if you get good enough at any activity whilst employing this mindset, he’s going to be knocking on your door.
As with a black hole, we will never reach the end of the void, we only have an  expectation of an end. Were really in a true black hole that pulls everything in, even a vacuum.
We have hit the road to nowhere from nowhere.
However distasteful it is, we have to admit to ourselves, that we are wrong!
This, in my case, was a near 40 year state of affairs, not just finding out why everyone accepted that they pushed, but ascertaining why I of all people, could not fathom this out as I knew I never pushed.
I also had to find out why my outlook was so different. After all I was, in what I was attesting, stating something that appeared  as the complete opposite to what others were certain of and attempting to do. Why was I so sure that I pulled a dart and how did I do it as I definitely knew that I accomplished it before.
Was I wrong in everything. Was everything I believed incorrect and everybody else correct, or maybe, was I part of the uncontaminated flock, even though I certainly had Dartitis?
I had, unbeknown to me, embarked on  an enormous trek to fathom out this dilemma, unearth the culprit, ascertain a
remedy and fulfil my fulfill desire and regain my long lost thragg.
Well I did it, job done bring on the common cold!
If you have the Yips and have enough willpower to attempt to find out the cause, your persistence and mental capacities will be tested to the utmost limits. This also includes the limits of your loved ones around you, because the wrongly assessed permutations are seemingly interminable, the loved ones patience and understanding will be needed, but will be sorely tested. After suffering the remarks and distasteful offerings of the know alls, I really felt like, “right you bastards have a touch of this, I hope it sends you out of your mind! But.
I will and have saved everyone the trouble as fundamentally there is only one deduction, or conclusion.
You, not only don’t, but never ever did, what you are so adamantly sure that you accomplished!
The push incidentally is not an action at all, it cannot possibly be an action, on it’s finest day it can only possibly be regarded as a very distant reaction.
We cannot perform any reactions!
Make no mistake, I do heartily concur that it is inconceivable that one person could be correct and all the rest erroneous!
But it is fact!
Intuition is a fabulous entity, you can’t clarify it, but ignore it at your peril!
Having all your certainties destroyed is not what people need or want to hear! I comprehend this!
Nevertheless the truth is the truth!
In so called  reality,  truth is the response that everyone says they crave, they state that they would require and respect it. That is, until it brings their own ardent philosophies into doubt or attacks their principles!
Then this becomes  a different tale!
Nobody likes to be told they are wrong.
I don’t attend the house of commons where the niceties extend to
“I do believe the honourable Lady or Gentleman is mistaken”.
No, I’m afraid I adhere to saying a liar is a liar is a liar.
It makes no difference whatsoever if it’s intentional or not.
A lie is still a lie!
So reminiscent of football commentators, who remark that a foul on a player wasn’t intentional, what the effing hell has that got to do with anything. If a player is talented enough to hoodwink the opposing player, causing him to mistime a tackle then that is great play, and may warrant a yellow card as the nutmegged player was second best. If the challenge is  intentionally meant to stop the opposition then it’s a straight red.
With darts and I should imagine all sports, you must listen to your body, not your memories, use your intellect not your recollections.
However when all is said and done the biggest paradox is self inflicted.
Man undoubtedly sees himself as a forward acting animal.
Not a chance!
I feel so sorry for the likes of, Kevin Pietersen, Tiger Woods and Eric Bristow. They all believe that what they did, or attempting to do, is what they did before and did so exceptionally well.
I cringe every time I witness Tiger Woods applying his usual convinced  procedure, doing what he believes he did, he is destroying his back. His mentors and advisers all comment like sheep saying that his back is the problem with his game, or he can’t swing his club correctly, because of his back.
No; the back is the reaction to a mistaken procedure.

When you have eliminated the impossible
whatever remains,
no matter how improbable,
must be the truth.


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