The omnipotent played a trick on us all

The supreme being made us all what we are today; egotistical, the world revolves around me; arrogant, the know it all’s,  and fools and sheep i.e. lambs to the slaughter!
Not too many of us are enrolled in the first group, we throng in the second however we’re copiously abundant in the third
In effect the second group are bigger fools than the final selective, because they ascribe to the prattlings of the vociferous minority i.e. the first.
How we live and kowtow, substantiates these charges.
Most people on this planet are subservient to the whims and tenets of the vast, vast minority.
The population in 2012 was estimated at 7.046 billion. Let’s be very generous and guesstimate that there are 500,000, people in the higher places of authority.
Incidentally here in this numbering system lies an Americanism which demonstrates their thirst for recognition, however unwarranted it may be.
When I was growing up a billion was a million times a million not a thousand times a million as put forward from the land of the freebie advisers, and a trillion was a million times a million times a million.
Anyhow lets forget the 666 land for the moment.
So parenthetically in 2012 we had 7,045,500,000 lemmings on this planet being governed, policed, taxed, educated, and financially advised by five hundred thousand of our so called superiors.
Who, “we all accept”, as knowing what’s best for us, because they and theirs, informed us of the fact!
Wake up, they only know what’s best for themselves and they do not want anyone to discredit or muscle in on them. All through history in every country and civilisation, they were there, they’re there now and they’ll always been there, whilst we remain subservient!
That’s why they formed private armies called constabularies. They couldn’t let the masses do what their ancestors did at the outset of supposed democratic freedom.
If by some chance someone arrives on the scene and essentially brings into question, this attitude of residual serfdom, together with one of man’s most accepted and believed basic movements, the guano hits the fan.
In this later aspect we’re not talking about how you produce power for a mere fraction of the price charged by power companies, or how to make the old horseless chariot run without petrol. Which, both are and must be actualities!
No we are talking about a much bigger lie about an accepted movement.
This movement is recognised as an action, an action that we are capable of and that we can do so earnestly and  find it easy to complete.
The common denominators are action and do.
The movement in question is a push!
It is a whimsical notion!
We cannot push.
We may accept that we are able to move, “push” a coin across a table or that we move, “push” a car, but we don’t do it.
We most certainly can move them forward, but we do not push, we don’t possess that singular capability.
No matter what you believe or what you’ve been told, we cannot produce that defined independent action named the push!
It is just a word, but we accept and always have accepted, that we can.
It’s only a word that basically and only describes a direction, in other words forward or ahead of us!
Somewhere out there in this universe, it may be possible to find some extraterrestrial being capable of pushing as an single autonomous action, but it’s a pretty sound bet that it didn’t come from this universe.
It would be a somewhat like antimatter meeting matter.
If Newton’s actual third law of motion was uncovered, It would state something like the following.
“That for every action there is an opposite and equal action”.
Thus leading to a reaction!
We cannot do or control a reaction, just as we couldn’t control Chernobyl and a host of other nuclear accidents, because they are reactions or if you prefer Reactors. As with Chernobyl they didn’t control it they turned it off and sealed it inside concrete, it’s still turning off even to this day 1986 and still shutting down.
We’re adamant that we can push, however the great deity up there somewhere, played a massive trick on us.
He, she or it gave us capability to use only half of our brain, the partial use of his component would definitely have brought at least two of our senses into doubt. However the omnipotent one didn’t have to be so childish as we weren’t going to use it in entirety in the first place!
To the point of contradiction!?
The trick he played on us
Fundamentally he turned something around!
You don’t notice it, you’ve never even bothered your little grey cells with, it’s a worldwide acceptance.
We all say this word, probably every day and accept it as a bona-fide action, recognising this proposition as valid or correct interpretation to being the  opposite of the pull. Whereas it is not the reverse of a pull, but is in fact a reverse pull. How it;s done just doesn’t register not because were dense, but because we’ve never ever thought about it.

Stick around and be enlightened.