Our mistaken beliefs

I have stated that we do not use a grip on a dart.

This is indeed a fact.

We actually use a grippe, griffe, greifen, or a reverse grip.

These are words no longer in the dictionary, but were general use in the language of pre and medieval times, especially common to the archer. However, they’ve been removed!

How and why has this situation arisen, where and why did these words or the use of these words disappear?

Unfortunately and obviously there is,”as far as I know”, no concrete proof. They who must be obeyed made sure of this.

But I personally would once again place the blame well and truly at the feet of the Roman Catholic Church and some poor little friar or monk entrusted nay, ordered with translating all the known words of a language readily into French or the newly formed English.

Probably wrongly deducing that these three words were alternative spellings of the same word grip.

Bringing to the fore the fact that what you read in books is anything but kosher!

I for one don’t believe everything that is accepted or regarded as gospel.

Which in itself demonstrates the deceit of the Church. A great deal of our history and knowledge emanates from the churches archives!

Every Christian knows that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are known as the four evangelists, however very few accept or appreciate that there was apparently a fifth Evangelist.

The same procedure happens today I call it the pilot issue, an aeroplane crashes and the authorities blame the pilot, what difference does it or is it going to make, He or she has invariably joined the choir Emmanuel anyway, all down to money! Another point that may cross your mind is that the plane is actually flown by computers for the vast duration of the flight the pilot is little more than a passenger, only really called on when a problem arises?

It also brings into question the legend of a fifth evangelist. This favourite of the chosen one was and is denigrated to such a point that even his name is used to describe something so disgustingly shoddy that it brought and still brings a whole new meaning to insult and contempt.

Hearsay or heresy abounds everywhere, especially in respected historical documents that man has adopted and man is very fickle!

The fifth evangelist was stricken from the roll, so to speak, Probably for doing nothing more than following the directions of his mentor.

I wonder, whatever did happen to Judas Iscariot?
Likewise, I also wonder what befell Adam’s first wife Lilith?

In Darts this means, that although we are told that we do and must do, it’s basically down to us.
We must decide for ourselves we know what’s right and wrong, we know what works and what doesn’t work and we also know what works better.
So it may perplex you when after that bit of pontificating I am going to tell you something that is an absolute must.
Because if I don’t you are never going to get there. I’ve wasted the 27 years deciphering this, so you don’t have to. There are too many minefields and boobytraps!
We do not and must not grip the dart!

We do, however, position our fingers in such a manner as to allow the dart to grip us.

It is a reverse grip or an anti-grip.

The same ideology is applied to the bow, sling, Woomera and trebuchet.

In none of these weapon systems does the launcher grip the projectile.

Nobody has ever considered this, especially real archers enjoying their toxophilite cravings, but it is, indeed fact!

This is also one, if not the main contributing factor to the archer’s paradox.

To help the egotistical archer a little more, I will tell you that the most important part of the whole bow/arrow set up is that insignificant notch or nock in the arrow!

Yet another thing they have never considered.

The only trouble with this information is that when the correct interpretation is administered, it completely destroys the “arrow pushed from the bow” ideology and nullifies the archer’s paradox.

This instantly reduces noble archery to the ranks of the also sports and also identifies the Bow to what it actually is:
A Sling!

Likewise in darts and most every other sport we are browbeaten into accepting the supposed norm.
Relentlessly pontificated to, on how we do and don’t do certain things by experts.
Experts that, although having proved themselves, got it completely wrong!

I cited Tiger Woods and Kevin Pietersen as being the two best practitioners of the art, of thragging, but I omitted to mention another top exponent of this ability, a person that always praised his fellow countrymen’s abilities  regarding them as his superior, whereas he was the best at this art and delivery in cricket. I refer to Michael Holding. Lithe and lethal, Mr rhythmic poetry.

This grippe interpretation can be observed in all good golfers, cricketers both batsmen and bowlers, in baseball players, both sluggers and pitchers, also tennis players, in fact, all sports. But you will not and cannot see it, you discern it or perceive it, but you have to be attuned.
Calibrated if you would prefer?
Mr Lee Trevino was the most ungainly golfer that I ever saw, but he got it there at the optimum time.

Another thing about this is that you will never have heard a coach advocate it.

As they do not know!

In darts, one emphasis is mistakenly placed on using a centre of gravity.

Please place as much emphasis on it as you please? It will avail you nought as we do not use one.

We all use a ( C O M ) a centre of mass! In Darts the centre of mass is moved towards the dartboard on the drawback or cock? Therefore the vastly overwhelming majority envisage that this would mean moving the C.O.M forward, I do not, I see and experience the complete opposite.  Which neatly leads me to the follow through,  In most sports, an immense amount of credence is given to the pervasive follow through.
Nobody has ever given it a second thought, because it sounded and still sounds correct and ostentatious.
Think about it for a second.

Everyone thinks the reference is to the hand or whatever part of the body you are using following through behind the implement we are using.

Whereas in fact; it is the object being held, hit or thrown that it is in reference to!

The fact is that the ball, arrow, dart, bat or racket follows through, not the hand,

The hand leads through, it may appear by sense or sight be to the rear of the contact, or release point, but it is still leading because of the applied angle of impetus.

Hence my Pen name Bo-Jangles, Boj-Angles, Bodge-Angles?

This is layman’s terminology, it somewhat simplifies what I state and know.

It is relevant in regarding, our ability to change the right-hand side to the left, the top to the bottom and the front to the rear.
Plus vice-versa in all categories.

As in darts, when my ideology is proven ‘which it will eventually be’ the whole concept and unwritten law of pushing will be scrapped and neatly swept under the carpet.

People will realise and ask themselves ‘what the hell am I, or was I pushing on. The answer to that is, nothing!

Eventually, everyone will fathom that man is the original sling and that the conglomeration of actions that he applies are all pulls and administered in differing directions and at different angles.

Just because something travels forward does not mean it was directed forward in a forward motion.

One of our basic accepted actions is not an action and in fact, does not exist.

I’ll be there when you get there,

When you ever get there,

If you ever get there?
As a footnote!
We can never ever get off this planet if we stick to the psychotic path we have accepted and are trying to adopt and adapt.

That’s another massive con! A tube with propellant shoved up its jacksie? come on, get real!

To get to another inhabitable planet we have to use the power of attraction.

When you have eliminated the impossible, etc.etc.