Advice, or coaching

In nearly every sport or walk of life, there are the fortunate ones, the ones that have achieved the highest platform.
Here on this website and in the book, I will highlight the reason why the champions of differing sports excel at their particular expertise.
It really makes little difference if they are the most celebrated in their own field, but they will always triumph.
These people are the ones that interest me and the ones that should only really interest you!

In most sports, especially darts, there are those that stick out head and shoulders above the rest.
They are always there or thereabouts when it comes to the final analysis when push comes to shove they are there.
I am not talking PDC here as this is a Barry Hearn closed shop. Most of the players are extremely talented but they really don’t have to qualify for anything as long as they remain in a certain echelon and get enough points and readies,
No matter what you think of them, whether you love or hate them they will always be in contention when it comes to the final shake-up.

It’s at this final juncture that their true superiority glows.
Their pedigree stands out a mile and their ability is obvious to everyone, no matter which sporting activity they are predominant in.
This is abundantly clear; palpable in all aspects of sport and indeed, life itself.
Everyone starts out with the same yardstick, being advised on this and that, they apparently enlarge their field of expertise,  they are usually sure that they have adhered to the advice bestowed on them for their entire lives.
However, it is all governed on how those that are advised envisage this counselling?
One person’s recognition or understanding can be immensely different from another’s interpretation, although they are advised identically.
In actuality, great sportsmen and women only listen to their bodies!

Coaches can and will only proffer what they remember, what they did, as they saw and felt it, or to be more exact, their uncertain memories?

What they relate is what they recall, their memories, the things that they are convinced that they did.
When what he/she may actually have done could be and usually is completely different!

Since discovering the remedy, I have found, “perhaps this is only specific to darts, but I would not discount that this observation is also part and parcel of other sporting activities, anyway it became blatantly obvious to me that; when attempting to do a certain thing or adopt a specific area, angle or direction, I usually had to do the complete reverse?

This was not solely down to completely reversing the set up of the dart as discussed before, i.e. making the left into the right the top for the bottom, the front the rear and vice-versa in all categories.
You also have to reverse your thinking.
I believe, no I know, that this is also the case in other sports?!

The specific area and its action!
No coach in any sporting manual states or infers this in any way, which by its deficiency, proves forcefully that the coaches do not know.
No instruction manual, almanack or guidebook, in fact, in no sporting pursuit is this even inferred to or explained its action.
Whereas in fact, it is an imperative response, no matter how oblivious we are to it.

Nevertheless, this does not deter the coaches from charging for their expensive apathetic expertise and knowledge!
You endure everything, just for the privilege of being coached by a doyen, a custodian of this particular, but unknown gift, Someone with a special proven aptitude?
Not actually knowing how they do, or adopt their special aptitude  does not appear to even enter the issue.
You’ve been told;
You know the coach is an ex-champ and is a real colossus at their particular artistry.
Is the coach as good as they demonstrably know?
It’s not so apparent!
Do we now know what Lemmings are?

Most coaches become coaches as a fairly young age, I am also including TV sports presenters.
I believe that this observation in itself holds an enormous indication as to why the yips has remained a mystery for so long.
They, the now renowned respected personalities had realised that something was amiss, even though no one else has observed any malfunction. They have applied their certitudes to the problem, but it hasn’t worked. They are in limbo, but no one else knows!They are certainly not going to confess it!
The monies they have ( to this point ), so rightfully earned have probably been badly invested or squandered on the good life and also on the hangers-on, that abound near this in vogue celebrity, Now the omnipotent  must re-incarnate themselves again, but on a different plane in the sport they still love, yet secretly can’t do any more. The massive overheads are still arriving and need to be contended with.
They cannot continue to participate in their gifted niche as their ability has gone and will inevitably be noticed, thus they will soon become a laughing stock!
This seemingly omnipotent participant of any sport decides to terminate his or her active participation and romance with the sport they love, but are determined to remain in the limelight by being on the sidelines advising on this and that. At a price!
Their self-enforced retirement, rarely has anything to do with age, love-loss of the sport or especially an injury. These reasons are often cited as well as that golden chestnut, “I wanted to give something back to the sport that gave me so much”!
Or you can always get some gullible doctor to sign the pervasive sick chitty, which has has been done, at least once in the art of darts. It can’t be that oft-quoted spuming of commentators and pundits of “The emergence of up an coming youngsters”! A good oldie will always beat a good youngie. This statement has today been reversed, but my adaptation is correct.
It all beggars a massive question?
To most of the public there appears to be nothing wrong, but there lies the rub, “appears”?
Most top sportsmen through sheer determination and pride can hide their lost prowess for an amazing length of time, Eric Bristow proved this point and RVB is doing it now and been doing it since 2008,
Maybe deceit or greed kicks in when the distasteful realisation that an ability is lost or waning.
Maybe it’s an inability to admit the fact to themselves, “let alone anyone else” either way deceitfulness raises its malignant head.
There is a lot of deceit in all sports, in fact, let’s not beat about the bush, there’s a lot of cheating in all sport, most being administered by the governing bodies!
Don’t be so arrogant and stubborn to believe that what you’re advised to do is correct or what you observe is the gospel. Don’t ever believe anything that the governing bodies state, their favourite is “Nobody is bigger than the sport” of course they are omitted from this observation.
You don’t actually believe that Brasil is the best football team, do you?
You can’t actually believe that South Africa was the best side at the 1995 Rugby world cup, do you?
If you do, your just accepting the qualms of the hierarchy and compliant to their bilking.
In fact, you are worse than they are.

Sport is now just a vehicle for the loathsome money makers and for use by politicians to keep the masses in their halcyon daze. if you are prepared to do nothing, you are just asking for trouble and deserve everything that’s coming your way!
By the way, this is not just sport, everything transcends everything else!
Don’t believe anything.
Not even here, with my writings.
Work it out for yourself if you can.
As with the yips.
If you’re wrong, you’re wrong! But then you try again and again and again and again!
I’ve just taken all the hard work out of it!
I’ll just re-energise an undetected dormant ability, no one is asking you to believe me!
No one asked you to click on this website.
No one will force you to purchase a book/ticket!
And no one will impel you to attend a seminar, where;
No one will play mind games with you.
You are a free spirit and should remain so.
Free spirits and free thinkers make the world, not the calibrated!
The champions of any sport are “unfortunately” really not important.
It’s the money makers that are all powerful.
They actually make the rules.
They keep Brasil on top of the world of football, whereas in fact, they are the dirtiest side that ever played football.
They keep New Zealand on top of the Rugby World when they continually contravene the forward pass law.
As for the 1995 Rugby World cup, “welcome back to the fold”!
Now the powers that be in this sport of Rugby are trying to squirm out of this self-made blind eyed violation of a rule, which fitted the bill at the time. Now they are appending a new adaptation of the forward pass rule.
No one comprehends the new interpretation of the law, but it would all so be easily sorted out when if everyone realised what actually constitutes the front of the hand everyone would be a lot happier, it certainly isn’t the palm side.
Incidentally; fundamentally the main rule of Rugby states that the ball must not travel forward from the hand, so why the hell is a dropkick legal.
Tiger Woods, Eric Bristow, Stephen Hendry and Bobby Jones etc.. are/were all superfluous, like a bus, “there’ll be another along in a minute”!

The deity on high may well have sold us all a dummy that we all took hook line and sinker, but being a blind as a headless chicken does not help in any way to re-address the cause!
Do I know? Of course, I do!
I know, because I recognise one of the mans four oldest successful hunting techniques and therefore one of the four oldest sports.

I know what is the front of the hand.

I know the dart, bat, racket, cue, ball etc. is pulled.

I know how the Bow, Trebuchet and sling work. I realise the actions of a bow and a Trebuchet, which is far more than the superior professor and artisan does, but I refuse to impart the info openly I prefer the subliminal approach.
The websites that allowed their members to malign me will pay a heavy price.
I was treated as a fraudster, so be it, I wasn’t the one that told you to push etc.

To be helped you have to listen.
You have to re-evaluate your opinion of the things and people you have been nurtured to believe and respect.
An idiot festooned with qualifications that are esteemed and recognised the world over is still an idiot!
But what does that make the people that recognise these people and qualifications, are they the idiots, idiots?
Eventually these statements, my assertions will be ratified by the so-called intelligentsia. Even when what I say appears nonsensical and non-palatable!

Eventually, someone else will fathom the obvious, I know and accept this, as I am not, unlike the majority reading this, arrogant!
Although I’ve been labelled such by a great many people.