How do you pull a dart?

An old nautical term, pull ahead, (or pull forward) is the correct and only way to look at and describe, our misconception on an accepted action; that has been maliciously labelled a push since about 1066.
A push is not an action, It is only a word, it has no basis and we cannot produce one!
We as a species have only one action; it is correctly named as a pull. To produce the accepted misnomer named a push we have to pull at least twice, but even then you do not produce a push. 
Some egghead will formulate a mathematical equation that will prove without a shadow of a doubt that a push is part of our anatomical capabilities. To anticipate this summation now I will sum it up with as much elegant articulation as possible by saying, BOLLOCKS!   
They will then use the idiom of a reaction, more dangly soft orbs!
The opposite of an action is not a reaction! The opposite of any action is another action which the intelligentsia will tell you that this is the reaction, It’s a load of bollards, but you have to accept as you have been duped into doing so since your day one. They have to defend this, they can never admit to this flawed yet accepted thesis. his. The possibility of our being able to create a controllable reaction is rarer than hen’s teeth. 
How do I pull a dart?
If you throw well, your pulling=Fact!
That gem of a question has been aimed at me on various occasions in a vain attempt to prompt a disparaging response, or more naively, a slip of the tongue.
It has been utilised in a conceited manner by people who are brainwashed into believing that we, as a species, are capable of administering a push.
Their adulterated tenet has been fostered since the arrival of thinking, it is rubbish!
It’s the accepted, yet gullible belief of man.
Man regards the push as a singular unilateral action; independent of any other action, as indeed a pull is.
This belief in this self-governing action,  autonomous of any other action is predominant to us all.
Not because we’re stupid, but merely because it is the accepted principle and therefore it is implied nearly everywhere!
If we’d actually thought about it, we could and would have blown the theory almost instantaneously.
But we never did and don’t!
This tainted hypothesis of an autonomous action has been readily accepted by all!
Deemed as an all-encompassing part of everyone’s physical ability.
A time honoured and endorsed appraisal!
It is in fact, without a doubt, insanity!
At best, many people believe that a push is the opposite of a singular pull, the reaction to the action.
Or that the opposite action to a pull is a push!
Newton’s third law of motion appears; to sum it up correctly when he supposedly and acceptably stated, “that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.
However, as the direct opposite of one action is another action then the outcome of these two actions is ‘in essence what is considered as the reaction. If we could formulate and use a reaction it would simply negate the action!
We cannot directly administer or control a reaction.
However, if an action invoked a reaction then the whole exercise is and would be a waste of time and effort as the reaction would nullify the action.
We can and do, control the two actions, but if there was a reaction, (if one could occur at all), it would be a conclusion of the two actions. It is definitely not controlled by us. Or indeed any other living organism in this universe!
We coordinate the action or actions by a measured muscle power or actions. but we could never control the reaction directly.
In fact with the acceptance of Newton’s supposed theory, whereas everyone agrees to this acknowledged hypothesis, we have omitted an entire action and never even noticed it.
As for Sir Isaac’s thesis, what he wrote was undoubtedly correct, for he was an incredibly intelligent man.
Farmers boy, you see!
But what you, I or we read is wrong, it cannot at all conviction be his exposition. This thesis was not what he ascribed, it must have been doctored.
Actually, the question, so narcissistically posed at the opening of this chapter, essentially should have read; how do you push a dart?
The answer to that is; you cannot and you do not! We as a species have never been able to administer a push
It is the accepted, but mistaken presumption. It is also a malicious falsehood!
The word push, shouldn’t actually be in any dictionary, it shouldn’t be part of the English or any other language in the concept that we have adopted.
This equivalent mistranslated word, oughtn’t to be part of any language unless it is devoted solely to portray its true resulting explanation of a double pull.
If you honestly believe the propaganda spouted by some or all darting sports people, on how they, we or you push a dart, you are just accepting a statement that has no value.
It has never had any credence whatsoever.
It isn’t even conjectured it’s just cold blooded inventiveness!
Nevertheless, the avowing of this unachievable action has turned and bitten the know-all’s right in the Derri.
I have no idea if any darting sportsperson attended any of the supposedly many medical conventions arranged to discuss the phenomenon of the yips in sport, as apparently the boffins, the intelligentsia; have been studying the yip enigma for decades.
I expect that the top sporting aficionados of all the accepted and eminent sports were solicited to give their tuppence worth, you know which sports I mean, Golf, Cricket, basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Cue Sports, etc., etc.
All the multi-million and billion £ sports,
I haven’t omitted to include Football, Rugby and Archery, not because they do not suffer from the Yips, because they certainly do, Two of these sports just don’t realise it and the other mistakes it for a paradox.
Most of these sports must have been present at many of these procedures, at which the posturing supercilious experts pontificated.
All except one I should imagine. Darts?
One of the four oldest, great, great, great, great, great, great, antediluvian grandparents of them all.
I wonder why this was?
The push that you all believe that you have successfully adopted and so irrefutably cock-sure that you accomplish, doesn’t exist. Why?
 If an outcome can only be achieved by utilising two alternative actions then the quoted outcome cannot exist.
This is part of the biggest confidence trick ever visited on us; we the serfs, by our respected but moronic buffoon overlords.
Come to the revolution!
Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle must have known that the push as an action didn’t exist? He probably voiced his beliefs and concerns to some panel of dipsticks and was promptly ridiculed.
Not to be kowtowed he promptly stuffed it up the so-called boffins of his period, when he and a few of his cronies gave them a taste of their own medicine with Piltdown Man.
He was definitely privy to this fingering!
A brief summation follows,
Piltdown man or the missing link!
Discovered in 1912 proved to be a hoax in 1953? Brilliant! Forty-one years of head and arse scratching, Guffaw-guffaw! Priceless!
The double pull or cantilever is the actual summation of Newton’s third law of motion.
Notwithstanding, Sir Isaac in his original and accurate summation, does, mysteriously in the later throes of his reckonings, go on to foster the use of the push word.  I suspect that this was added for self-preservation, seeing burning at the stake was still being practised for heresy (hearsay) at this time!
Fundamentally, you, I and everyone else have taken something at face value without the slightest thought.
It is an unproven concept and in fact, when even slightly scrutinised for any validity, fails miserably!
The probability of a haphazard remark, to accommodate the recognition and credence of a push is high.
The accepted belief of a push especially in darting circles is enormous.
It is a malevolent and contagious doctrine.
On the other hand, maybe this misconception arose quite deliberately.
Here is my assumption it has more credence than any other as it has an offered hypothesis, whereas no one has ever offered any proof regarding the dogma of a push; whatsoever!
The following is the accepted fact in darts romantic circles, it is in fact broadly a lie!
The saga relates that a certain pub owner/landlord named Mr Foot Anakin was, in 1908 brought to book for allowing an apparent game of chance (namely darts) to be played at his public house.
Absolute rubbish. The true account makes an appearance elsewhere in my scribblings.
It was proved, at his trial in Leeds, that darts was, in fact, a skilled pastime and not one of chance, when the local magistrates assistant could not exhibit anywhere near the same dexterity when asked to throw the darts by the magistrate.
Mr Foot Anakin was obviously a player of distinction. As apparently, he hit 20, 20, and 20.
When asked if he could repeat the feat, he not only equalled but also apparently surpassed the deed by hitting three double twenties.
A truly remarkable achievement if you consider the very low-tech apparatus he must undoubtedly have been furnished with and the relevant distance of the throw at that time.
Of course, he did not want his public house trade and livelihood threatened.
So, I surmise he hedged his bet when the court usher was requested to try his hand, could it just be that the inference of a push was hinted upon. Thus this impossibility has remained in every darter’s psyche for so long?
Maybe this proffered aside was tendered by the landlord, maybe not, ensuring the magistrate’s assistant failed.
If by any chance this was the case, shrewd thinking Mr Anakin or landlord, I commend you on your machiavellian smarts.
You should have been a politician.
However, if this be the case, which clearly proved to be beneficial in protecting his livelihood and probably averted a fine or and imprisonment, but possibly it has had a disastrous consequence for dart throwers everywhere, if this did happen, the inference spawned for self-protection has, without doubt, led to this self-inflicted dis-functional, quaintly, but erroneously malignancy; named Dartitis!
Yes, I know that this is only surmising on my part, yet no one has ever offered some credible option for the stupid supposition of a push, it is just an unproven statement with no credibility. If you think that a push is a push, a pull is a pull, and never the twain shall meet. Stick around; you are in for a roller coaster of a ride.
The definition of a push in most dictionary usually follows the following reasoning it’ supposed to be from the middle English and a verb it either results from the old French word pousser or the Latin pulsare from Old French pousser to beat or pulse. Some other interpretations include force, drive, effort and ahead. The early sense was to exert a force on. Later it was and still is to make a strenuous effort. Notwithstanding this, Its true meaning is included in the list.
All that push means is ahead or forward.
That’s all!
I doubt very much if this bloody word existed in ‘English?’ until the arrival of the Normans (Vikings) in 1066. Because this little island spawned the greatest empire the world has ever known the word has entered every country and society. Much akin to why darts has been so popular, other reasons that darts has gained so much exaltation is that of its archaic and primordial contribution to man’s survival on this terrestrial-sphere. Unfortunately, the scum that infected the Engish with this
Dart’s is the greatest sport there is, it is the grand-daddy of nearly every sport and as such has a multitude of surprises.

Oh, he’s pulled that Dart!

The above statement was a favourite response by a respected commentator commented on a player who had missed a target by some distance.
It is a clear public subliminal affirmation that to pull is wrong and a push is correct.
You do not even have to think about this inane statement to any great length really; as logic, or that vastly underused attribute common sense dispels the myth instantly! but it was the stated way that you propelled the dart when I was a whippersnapper and it was never doubted by anyone. Everyone believed they could and did do it
You may not comprehend how you actually pull a dart, yet, but even the least intellectually endowed have to admit that a push is a ridiculous hypothesis.
Mere rationality belies the remotest possibility of the push as an action that we can use. Even if we were capable of it, or that great dart player in the heavens had actually furnished us with the capabilities to produce one.
Well actually, he or she did, but to facilitate a  way of propelling the dart forward, but have to activate two or more pulls. This is, in its most basic form, what we have fallaciously accepted as a push, ever since the days we were subjected to the Normans.
As I say I am not academically qualified in any way whatsoever, but I do know that we live in a poxy little galaxy, that, with billions of other galaxies form a universe, apparently it had a beginning and somewhere in the grand scheme of things will achieve an end somewhere, incidentally who is to say that this is the only universe.
I also believe the beginning and ending parameters are enlarging every millisecond which forms an infinity.
The one thing that is omnipotent in the whole scheme of things is the pull, call it gravity, attraction, magnetism or whatever you wish; there is absolutely no way that this insignificant planet, has spawned a trifling inconsequential life form that can break the basic law of universal dynamics itself.
To anyone who is positive that, he or she pushes a dart and can prove it, may I make a suggestion? Please keep mum as you will be on a dissection table before you can clap your single hand together.
The following option is the most obvious thing to look for.
If any parts of the dart, hand, digits or wrist have broken the axis of the perpendicular you are compelled to pull. End of story! Nothing more needs adding to this simplified explanation, which is obviously true!  Alas, if only it was that simple!
The prior statement is 100% correct.

Now comes the complicated part of explaining exactly how you get the accuracy and immense power into the throw. Anybody, that throws a dart correctly, as I do, once again. Have to reduce the velocity of their throw in order not to cause an uproar.
I actually, have to reduce the power that my throw exerts when releasing the dart. If I do not, the barrels of my 23 or 21-gram Rhenium darts embed into the board. It leaves a lovely concave pattern, but does the sisal little good and would undoubtedly instigate wrath in certain quarters. A rebound off the wire of a correctly thrown dart is very dangerous!
I need no artificial aids in the form of knurled points. They are usually; used, by those requiring an unfair advantage. A win at all costs nonentity. The other reason is to give a lower quality player a false inflated ego. They are an artificial aid and any self-respecting organisation would be correct in outlawing them! I did experiment with them for a time but they proved a destructive influence on my board, ripping out the sisal on retrieval.
They are for inadequate players trying to gain an unfair advantage! Please do not give me the excuse that they offer more purchase to some.
To the people who state that they use the knurled point as an extended area of grip to power the dart, you know not, of what you speak and I personally do not need that drivel.
It does not, but it does prove that players who use these, don’t remotely understand the actions they are attempting to apply. Yet, they assume it does and they do.|
All I have to say to you is, enjoy your future Dartitis!
I really can’t countenance the above obvious skulduggery, but this is not the problem. The problem is the damage wreaked on the board and the subsequent advantage gained by the lifting of the sisal, which is off-putting to the opposition who has not had to degrade his skills by resorting to this cheap dishonourable practice. Although he is expected to play on board sprouting roots, when he plays an inferior player using such underhand means but most if not all organisations turn a blind eye. The sinned against obviously has nowhere to go or no one to go to, in order to redress this grievance,
No player should have to suffer this off-putting disadvantage, illegally gained by an opponent.
Nonetheless, the authorities must approve as there is no banning of these frauds accessories.
This is not association football where, on losing the ball to a legal challenge; players who fall down screaming in abject agony and after completing several rolls, cartwheels or somersaults, in order to influence a gullible, questionable referee to win a free kick. It is blatant cheating! Decorum actually tempers my actual thoughts on the actions of most referees.
By the way, when does Mr Joseph Sepp Blatter go to court?
Speaking of that overrated official the referee, it is so refreshing that the actual use of an arbiter is not required in a true sport such as darts. Hit or miss, end of story!
The true way to throw a dart is actually the reverse of what you believe you see and more crucially in what you mistakenly believe you sense.
Two of the greatest exponents of this technique are not dart sportsmen at all.
In reality, I should say were!
Kevin Pietersen and Tiger Woods;
Yes, you did read the preceding statement correctly. Two top sporting superstars of apparently different so-called sports?
Sports that are as alien to darts as could possibly be, or so you would surmise.
Unfortunately, since penning the above statement, Tiger is in great difficulties, ‘they’re blaming his back’. It’s yips!
Kp has really collapsed as a batsman but is hoodwinking most everyone!

What they have in common with darts is that their action as with darts, for there to be accomplished correctly they must be in done in reverse. All baseball hitters or sluggers use this technique as do pitchers. I know good fast bowlers do as do Batsmen!

Let us put darts into its true category amongst other sports. If, asked to categorise darts with regard to all other sports. I would have no hesitation in placing it either at the very pinnacle or close to the top.
How can anyone in his or her right mind, classify today’s mode of archery as an Olympic sport and categorise darts as an alehouse pastime.
Darts is a far more testing sport and archery is derived from it.
The technical specifications required to throw a dart correctly, are much too advanced for most to comprehend.
The simple little task of throwing a pointed missile at a target is far too complex for most, including bitter sports correspondents to comprehend.
When you start to fathom the intricate actions. You realise that the forces, angles, propulsion and pivot points together with the timing of several directional impulses appear to be infinite! You will discover that the little statement of pushing a dart is not only impossible to do, but makes no sense whatsoever.
The people that reviled my correct assertion, that you pull a dart will not readily attest to the fact that they were wrong, even if or when they comprehend the action and the mindset. It will be far too embarrassing to admit.
Darts is the greatest sport ever devised; to do it properly is a gift, to understand it is an achievement worthy of the highest accolade and intellect.
Many can perform it at an amazingly high level; however, that does not mean that they understand how they do it. To throw correctly is a gift! A skill that is easily taken away. Anyone can and could suffer, no matter how proficient you are and to get it back, as many have found out it impossible. It cannot be re-attained, using the conception that you originally used, you have to change what you formerly believed you were doing, from when you first threw your earliest dart, not when you were throwing superbly!
Many publications correlate the existence of levers and pulleys, the pulley in a different mode does have a place, but the lever does not, that would be far too innocent and simple, it will also be perilous to your career and health.
Levering is what most sportspeople revert to when they suffer the massive relapse of losing their true actions.
It can and will work for a fair amount of time in many cases, but the prosecution of this proxy response is not only extremely dangerous physically, but also emotionally.
It can lead to players undergoing an operation because of an incorrect sustained misuse of one or more area’s, can and has caused problems in other parts of the body that appear seemingly unrelated.
As for the psychosomatic outlook, I don’t wish to enter this world of the unknown. Suffice to say its a lot of baloney.
Most if not all of this, is down to misinterpretation of the action/s and the idea is far and away, much too complicated to comprehend for the vast majority.
Which in its own right as a statement is quite astounding, especially when you realise that at least one group of our troglodyte ancestors was throwing these in a carbon copy, millennia ago.
So who is the more stupid, the lower Palaeolithic troglodyte or computer keyboard punching university educated Homo sapien?

It’s also fairly obvious to me that most people accept and believe the information on a computer, most of it; is correct, but there is a great deal on it which is mistaken and probably intentionally erroneous.
The thing that disquiets me though, are the masses of deliberately iniquitous items placed in the magic box, a lot that could and in fact are subliminal.
Sublimation, in fact, is the only thing I am asking you to agree to.
If you don’t want to submit to this, all well and good. We should part ways now!
If you agree it has to be voluntary. I would rather have had a non-waiver arrangement, but the world has become such a sad place I feel it would be imprudent of me, not to adopt such a method!
Incidentally, I should imagine you’ve all seen the T-shirt and poster of Darts evolution, very humorous but not very accurate as the actual dart throwing anthropoid would be second from the left.

The Video

De Broer van Co Stompé


I don’t think it’s a joke, I think it’s Dartitis. I’ve seen a player throw who really struggles with Dartitis and it’s not nice to see.

No laughing matter skytroop.

Skytroop5 years ago

Never saw such perfect form in my life. LOL Look out Phil Taylor!!!!!

Daisy Van Barneveld5 years ago

Aaaahhww, arme co stompee! P

WhoDaresWinzz3 years ago

The guy at 10 seconds in the background makes me laugh the most his face would be the same as mine after seeing that lmao.

Dennis Bier5 years ago

Waar slaat dit nou weer op die bewegingen. Ziet er wel grappig uit: p
which translates to the English as -which beats the hell back on those movements. Looks pretty funny out: p.
Which stores it back on the motions. Looks pretty funny from P

Flensburgerpissener4 years ago

He’s epileptic…^^ epileptic

Joey Rus Hartland2 years ago

Lol. But fake he is throwing there for a while I think so the guy behind him thinks wtf is he doing?
: P vor wärts1 year ago


1984KID5 years ago

In reply to Skytroop


billy holly5 years ago

I hope it’s a joke!!

Mitch mitchell5 years ago

Ongelooflijk grappig en heel fijne titel ook…heb me bescheurd..

Mickptfc5 years ago

That’s the gayest throw I’ve ever seen

Sugaabones5 years ago

What a fool man

Joemcgovern12392 years ago

What a fag

U max2 years ago


The above remarks were written by some very sorry people after eyeing a certain Dutch player. Why?
He is, in actuality trying to do, just what he has been advocated to do.

Promoted by plonkers, the others are not complying with what they were advocated to do.
Subliminal simpletons!
You laugh at me because you think I’m wrong?
I smile at you because I know you are!
The realisation of what pull v push is simply summed up by Binary language or code.
Which uses the digits 1 & 0.
A pull = 1 and exists!
A push = 0 and does not exist.

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