What if you don’t have Dartitis or the yips.

If you are not a sufferer.
By all means read the Website and ponder its revelations.
However, please do not purchase the book unless it is as a safety aspect.
I implore you if you don’t have Dartitis or the Yips forget all about this publication.
That is until you cop it, then its your prerogative!
A just in case, get out of gaol not free clause!

Non sufferers are far better advised to carry on doing what they believe they are doing, even if it is incorrect.
Its one of the enigmas of Dartitis and the yips.
Millions of people believe they are doing one thing whereas in actuality, they perform the opposite, but this, strange as it must appear, really does not matter one iota.
They, you, can carry on regardless and maybe become a world champ!
It doesn’t make any difference what you believe you are doing!
The only time that it causes any concern is when you actually try to practice, to try to do what you are certain of, i.e. push!
Coaches believe; with every fibre of their being, that what they stipulate is correct.
In their mind it is a definitive certainty.
They are convinced, in what they are portraying, certain in their guaranteed assertions.
Inexplicably they actually and inexplicitly, somehow manage to convey it into their protege’s or devotee’s , nevertheless they portray a mistaken procedure which produces a misappreciation.
Solely because that’s what they ardently deem correct, and the trusting disciples unhesitatingly believe the guru!
If someone earnestly conveys to you, something that is completely, but unknowingly remiss?
They will convince you!
That which initially appears feasible, together with the requisite forthrightness, will convince anyone. Solely with the attribute of sincere fervour.
May I cite a certain Alois Schicklgruber, better remembered as Adolf Hitler?
Or perhaps Jim Jones.
I’m sorry, but you will have to read up on him yourselves?

If the instructors are sincere they will convince you.
It does not matter that what they are stressing is shear insanity.

It’s the beginning of very rudimentary, subliminal persuasion.
The instructor’s always win through.
This situation is compounded with the unwitting help of their newly solicited brethren!
These will eventually will win over more and more artisans, crying out for some belief.
The vociferousness is totally deafening.
Eventually everyone accepts it, but as in the yips scenario, the whole thing can and will blow up in your face.
Because of your belief in an unproven doctrine.
The arrival of the gremlins is next on the agenda, once again you listen to your betters.
Who’ll state it will pass and that you should and can play through it.
A massive mistake born out of ignorance, sometimes the athlete is lucky and they do just that.
It makes no-never-mind, the gremlin was the re-emergence of the yips.
You may play on for weeks, months, or years, but you can be certain of one thing, it’s made it’s initial reappearance and it’s coming back! As sure as eggs are eggs!
Bet on it!
The yips, this confounded perplexity has instantly becomes toxic and will quickly become incomprehensible.
You cannot best it with your current understanding.
An understanding that appeared to work so well and for so long!
All through your suffering time your beliefs and your teachings will never, are not allowed to come into question.

You still persist with your administered perceptions.
The previously applied wisdom is not doubted!
This is arrogance of the highest order and it is very dangerous!
Because of our, the convictions to our principles, doubt does not ever enter into the conundrum.
So the inability to do, what we knew we did, has now become a paradox of enigmatic proportions.
It has now passed a mystery, as initially it was only a mystery because of your beliefs.
When somebody comes along and preaches the correct reasoning, everyone is incredulous.
This person is an idiot, insane, their reasoning is impracticable.
I’ve heard it all before and from some very intelligent people.
What you’ve indoctrinated yourself into, is yours for the rest of your natural life.
And it all started on the day you were born.

I know I am correct, but I do not want your money for moneys sake.
I am offering and supplying a service,
I unlike South Africa and its foolish politicians, provide my service delivery!
Talking about S.A. does anyone comprehend the difference between Apartheid and Affirmative Action.
I certainly don’t, unless you include the worlds blind eyed perspective to the second.
Oh nearly forgot, South Africa has no oil, silly me!
No one needed those quickly evaporating anti-apartheid goody goodies.
They who stuck their noses in, at the behest of other outside interested parties.
Although they didn’t and still don’t comprehend that they were being manipulated.
Then they incongruously disappearing into the wide blue yonder.
Now keeping a very low profile as that which they avowed to and created has blown up in their faces.
Where are they now?
The peoples of S.A. would have worked it out for themselves.
It did help somewhat, when the Chinese decided not to fund the arming of the ANC anymore; so therefore forcing the so called indigenous to the peace table.
People blatantly disregarded the fact that the Zulu did not originate in South Africa, no matter what Michael Francis attempts to imply.
The Zulu emerged from the Bantu speaking peoples which were abundant all over central, western, eastern and northern Africa.
The Zulu began as a small clan from elsewhere in the dark continent, that through a different aspect of warfare and brilliant leadership assimilated other tribes and family units.
They finally formed the what is regarded as the Zulu tribe. The Boars, Brits and other conquerors have just as much right as the Zulu to call the area of South Africa theirs.
Oh did you not know that?
If you do want to meet the true South African, a trip to the Cape Flats would be very beneficial, then you can see just what true apartheid really is.
I believe that the differences incurred between differing factions, the bickering, the childish squabbles betwixt differing clans, B.S. (before Shaka) were sorted out the same way as they were in the other areas of the world, for example the Northern Americas.
They sorted their probs, out when one opponent would basically gain prestige by touching his opponent with a coup stick.
Whereas the usual skirmishes between differing factions in Africa would consist of the opponents ineffectively throwing pointed sticks at each other for a short duration, (once thrown that’s basically that), honour is satisfied, nobody really or rarely got hurt, so both sides then trotted of home for some food and booze to recount their heroic exploits.
Shaka saw no point in this and changed the rules. the trouble was nobody was ready for what he devised, a new divergence in fighting and then some dipstick doyen called it a tactic.
King Shaka, pronounced Shaga,(says it all I think), is attributed as a great tactician, but he only really installed one new ploy,
Namely that he got his warriors to cut down their assegais and use them as stabbing (spearing) weapons.
Revered the world over as a new divergence in warfare.
However, I believe that the real reason he ordered this was, he realised that his warriors couldn’t actually throw these bloody assegais correctly! Don’t believe all in books, history or whichever?
He did not instigate that truly renowned Zulu tactic of The Horns of the Buffalo!, for which he is sometimes wrongly accredited with.
All great military commanders bring a new concept into warfare and it usually takes the opposition a long time to work it out and counteract it. These tactics are usually neutralised when the said tactician is faced with the same tactic!
All the so called great commanders used a novel Tactic, Alexander, Napoleon, Rommel, Genghis Khan, Saladin, Alfred the Great,
Charlemagne, Attila, they all did it! All used a novel idea, never seen before, but colloquially known as a tactic.
A pre unknown strategy
That’s all a successful tactic is, nothing more, nothing less!
Let’s look at one of the greatest bits of luck forever to be accepted as one of the greatest Victories in British history.
Waterloo was not such a great victory, it was a “closely run affair”!
It was certainly not the final battle of of the Napoleonic wars, (The hundred days war)!

That little distinction, “so cleverly obscured over the years”, belongs to a certain Battle of Wavre which began on the 18th of June 1815 and “presumably, according to its delineation”, finished on the 19th.
It resulted in a French victory.
However if the French commander, Marshal Grouchy, had got his finger out and not have been so lethargic in prosecuting the action, things would have been so different.
The battle of Wavre did not commence until 1600 hrs, whereas the commencement of Waterloo was at 11.30, Gouchy and his subordinates heard the guns opening salvo from Waterloo as the distance between the two battlegrounds was only 10 miles or 16.09 kilometers! Napoleon’s Troops marching light could travel a distance of 15 to 50 Kilometers in a day!
At Waterloo the French guard are noted as attacking 19.30 hours.
So you see that if Grouchy had made his decision earlier, it would have furnished Napoleon an estimated 30,000 troops on Wellingtons flank.

telle est la vie,
which is the actual translation of
such is life.
As opposed to the mistaken c’est la vie,
which actually means,
“it is the life”!

Bye, bye Wellington
Thus all of mainland Europe would probably have been speaking French for decades at least.
What a revolting thought!