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A hard road to travel

As the heading says, you have had a long road. I know, not only have I been there, got the T shirt, I as good as dammit bought the factory.
If you wish to  continue on, I can inform you that you are now on the final leg, all the hard graft has been done for you. I, as somebody had to do, went that extra mile. Not blaming an insane notion for Dartitis. The whimp’s excuse, If you’ve forgotten the attested definition, it’s as follows
(A condition of nervousness which prevents a player from releasing a dart at the right moment when throwing). Others include a mental blockage or some psychological malfunction.
I will inform you now that every differing definition in every dictionary will have to be removed and the Noun dartitis will have to be placed in the S section under stupidity.
So there will be no more need for blubbing on the oche. Mssrs B & N.
Henceforth from this time forward, you can stop bemoaning your sad state of affairs.
I earnestly implore you to stop listening to your favourite ex pro’s who pontificate so articulately on the square box, especially on the PDC especially avoid
Rod Harrington.
Wayne Mardle.
Chris Mason.
Paul Nicholson.
Eric Bristow.
But please
Stop attributing blame to everything, anything, everyone and anyone else for your sad predicament.Above all, this means me!I am far worse than any other sufferer when it comes to falling into this bizarre trap.So much more culpable than you,  because you thought you pushed a dart?

Whereas I always knew that I pulled a dart.
I deserve a stiff kick up the aris for being so stupid!

Mind you at least I knew I pulled a dart.

However, saying that; I am still the only one that has diligently researched this problem and come up with the answer.
Forget your scientists, researchers, boffins and professors.
They had no chance of discovering this, for at very best they are weekend sportists, if they do condescend to any sporting activity whatsoever.
Forget your esteemed pro’s and money usurping authors!
All I ask you is to let me instruct you on how to think.
Permit me to take you back to that halcyon day when you threw your first dart, that glorious arrow of desire at the target, I use the word threw in a very discretionary fashion, because 99.9% of you made a right pig’s ear of it.
This ladies and gentlemen was Dartitis, you must recall it, even if you have never tried to before. This was the beast in all its grandeur, only 00.1% of us never experienced this at this time , but believe me not undergoing this gemorse was and is no bonus!
Permit me to enlighten you how you’ve been conned by the powers that be.  Although this is a manual on how to beat the dreaded yips/Dartitis, which it will do! it has transcended far beyond that, it will enlighten you on just how corrupt the overlords have been. I ever wanted this nor was this the intention of the whole escapade

Ladies and gentlemen the extreme mess up you experience at your darting inauguration was Dartitis, Dartitis in all its splendour.
However you may ridicule me, or treat me with unfathomable disdain, this is the truth, no matter how unpalatable it may be to some.  I do not do falsehoods just as I will not did give credence to publications and assertions of the accepted tenet. I copped the bug but instead of sitting back and taking the spineless way out. “which basically consists of adhering to the philosophy that there is no remedy and once you’ve got it that’s your darting career finished. No! I leave that to the simpering, whimpering ex-pro’s, of all sports. I could not and would not sit back and wait for the remedy.
I went out and found it.
Waiting for freebies has never been part of my make up.
I always prefer working it out for myself.
Maybe a little bit of egotism in being first. Who can say?
However I will attest to one thing, I am English; and extremely proud of it.
The true quality of a bona fide Englishman, is the refusal to capitulate. As can be attested to by any Scotsman with a modicum of nuance.
Regaling us all with their heroic exploits,  Averting our attention about the meagre amount of  battles they actually won against the Auld Enemy.
We all hear so much about the so brave Tam ‘O’ Shanter wearers, the pride of the highlands and all that.
Did  you never notice, that the English always came back.
Until Culloden, Oh and those clearances, which incidentally, were actually self imposed by your own Lairds not the English!
Or maybe they actually, but wrongfully believe that the term sassenach, was bestowed upon the English and not its true definition that the highland Scots bequeathed upon the Lowland Scots.
To really emphasise the true nature of the Scots,?
Just read what these brave Flowers of Scotland did.
How they treated their truest Scottish Clan “The MacGregors”.
Letters of Fire and Sword were granted against the Gregor Clan in 1563, 1588,1590 etc, and thereafter for 130 years you aided the English in their endeavour to eradicate the Clan McGregor.
Probably all because the McGregor’s wouldn’t stop fighting the English.
Unfortunately for the McGregor’s and just as with the MacGregors, the English never gave up either.

A shame England’s Football team never learnt this!

Well I did it and I am very gratified, to the point of smugness.
Disproving everyone and thus committing long held, mistaken beliefs to the trash bin.
It will have no astonishment when the intelligentsia ridicule, or try to dissuade everyone about these findings, after all they have a  sad and misguided thesis to defend.
Unfortunately what they will be defending, is in fact an antithesis.
Their followers are even more sad, for these are sheep.
I don’t and you shouldn’t, give the old toss about them!
Just remember you were Dartitis sufferers,
As such you spent the duration of your malaise looking for an excuse or a scapegoat.
Are you not you sick and tired of it?
For those that crave a culprit may I suggest a quick trip to the bathroom and a look in the mirror?
For this is entirely self inflicted, you brought it on yourselves.
Nobody forced you to listen and adhere to the advice of the so called experts.
In situations such as this, you should always listen to your body first and then your head not the reverse!
That anthropoid returning your gaze is surely one of the most ill-advised humanoids on the planet.
Neanderthal man would have been accustomed and at ease in our company.
However, saying that; a massive point in your favour is,
You never gave up!
That’s what makes you special.
You trustingly adhered to the given writings, remarks and teachings bestowed upon us by our betters!
Don’t worry about what anybody says about me, study the website and read the book.
You carry on and read and I guarantee that you, (with the optional seminar) will not only get rid of your Dartitis, but you will be a far better player than you have ever been.

Do not listen to what has been passed down through the years about the way a dart is thrown and the differing digits that are used to propel it.
In fact do not take for granted as gospel everything that is written down.
I also include this manual, even though it is one hundred per-cent correct!
I don’t want sheep, or clones, that’s what governments want and are striving for.
I want people who can utilise the intelligence given to them!
To question!
You can also forgo purchasing any more books written by the supposed powers that be, or the admired darts professionals;
All purchased in your eager yet forlorn hope of gleaning something that would help you get over the Dartitis bug.
It was a fruitless exercise in the first place.
As was/is the money paid by countless people to hypnotists and the like.
Because, one, being professionals adept at their prowess, they never knew how they threw a dart in the first place, but they could certainly do it.
Two, the Hypnotist would just have wiped the board clean so to speak.
So farther down the road the bug would have returned.
You would have reached the same crossroads once again, then once again, you would have taken the wrong turning, into the cul-de-sac of oblivion; it has to be!
This is not trashy Hollywood and we certainly don’t live in a Tardis yet!
You must understand that being able to accomplish something does not mean you know how it is done and visa-versa.
The world is full of qualified people who haven’t got a clue how to do what they are qualified to do.
Just look at the state of the world’s financial institutes if you require any proof.
Basically and fundamentally though, this site, book/manual and discretional seminar are all about the debilitating syndrome of the yips and contains the answer.
The actual underlying connotation of this tome is to help to destroy and expose the bureaucracy that is far more ingrained than most people can ever, imagine.
To unmask the absolute treachery that governments and the accepted hierarchy have imposed on us. The hypocrisy of this worlds higher echelon is  appalling.
I note with relished appreciation, the number of unblemished walls that abound all over the globe!
As an aside, so to speak, may I point out that most currencies are aligned to the mighty dollar, have a look at the following

The mighty dollar, from the good ol-US of A.
Where a third of absolutely everything is really owned by the Chinese!
Apparently the whole thing goes pear shape in 2017.
Have you ever noticed that whenever the stock markets are in free fall or the Banking Institutions are in dire straits, it makes huge headlines and even bigger fortunes for people who are manipulating them,  the ones that were pre-warned?
Sure as eggs are eggs, the next day, on some state run money governed News Service, they will have a guest who is and I quote a financial expert”.
Who will advise us on what we should do!
Who the hell got everyone in this situation in the first place.
It is a con, just as the cost of airfares which  now cost less than the tax!
The price of petrol, is a con. Most of it’s tax. Basically the governments want Mr Peon of the road and are going to make it untenable to travel unless your part of a government.
Soon the price of air will be taxed, whilst you are in your domicile it is gratis, but soon as you venture outside, whack; your going to be taxed.
Don’t laugh, it’s going to happen. They just haven’t worked it out yet?
In all actuality the air in the UK is already taxed, it has to be.
If that clandestine department of the Government namely the BBC, can quite legally charge a tax on all to receive television and radio signal programs.
I wouldn’t really quibble about this one, if it wasn’t for the facts that the majority of these programs are endlessly repeated and repeated so therefore we have a tax on a tax on a tax on a tax on a tax on a tax on a tax salmagundi forevermore.
Another small point hardly worth mentioning is that the BBC only makes a very small percentage of the programs aired (mind you they are the best) I wonder, do they pay the companies who make these items a fair proportion of this tax? I think not!
The people of this sceptered isle must have paid a thousand fold for every program ever aired in tax alone.
That is what the Licence is a tax and an illegal tax.
Maybe someone should make a suggestion that no-one should watch TV (or any deice capable of picking up a signal) for two years, therefore no licence required. People would find something more constructive to do, obesity would diminish as there would be no need to by loads of snacks to stuff our mouths with and maybe our waning eyesight may improve slightly. Bye Bye BBC!

However the biggest con is that we are capable of pushing.
We are obviously capable of moving a coin forward on a table.
We are able to propel a broken down automobile with brute strength.
But we don’t push it or them.
That is merely a word utilised to describe the forward movement of the coin or the car.
A push is not an action!
We have to use pulls to propel one or either of them forward.

You cannot push the dart, we cannot push!!!!!!!!!!!

Please bear in mind that the throw is for the right-hander using a three digit Nestle (grippe), please note I wrote grippe not grip, you do not grip a dart.
If you apply a grip you have to release the grip before you can release the dart!
Left-handers must obviously reverse the action.
I was considering the use of just two digits, but I decided that this would only serve to compound the issue, as it is a little taxing.
If you do not believe this is possible. Just ask Albert Sherwood (one of the areas of pull is named after him).
You will be furnished with many an insight into dart throwing, most if not all, is completely contrary to what you have been taught and what you undoubtedly accept.
But this is nothing new as most things you have been educated in and believe are unfeasible, but made to sound feasible by our overlords.
If a simple thing as the word push is invalid, which it is!
What else have the authorities lied to us about.
Polish up the 7.62.
Everything mentioned in my bracketing of darts, is compatible to all other sports!
As for smoking and car emissions, we won’t even go there. Yet!

When you have eliminated the impossible.
Whatever remains.
No matter how improbable.
Must be the truth!