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This is the area that I have purposely and wrongly named Ngassi. Whilst in South Africa I jokingly asked our friend and garden boy Tokozani, what the Zulu called a certain area of our anatomy, I was surprised when he replied Ngazzi. which on reflection turned out to be a scorching answer as Ngazzi means “I don’t know” which really sums up our arrogance and naivety!
Basically it proves to me that we are willing, in fact, directed or programmed into believing and accepting what we hear observe or read when its proffered by an expert or such without any analysis at all on our part!
Its called gullibility or blind conformity.
History is liberally garnished with it and we all act like a $10 whore and swallow it all.
For example, here are two well used, adhered to and worldwide accepted conclusions.
Which are extraordinarily linked?
Everyone of my age group and beyond was taught, accepted and still accepts in the stated1687 Sir Isaac Newtons three laws of motion, especially the third, which stated that; I confirm stated as although the premise hasn’t altered the wording certainly has!
“For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction!
Unfortunately, that is not what he wrote.
The gist of what he stated was,”For every action, there is an opposite and equal action”!.
No mention of a reaction, but that quickly became sanctioned, kosher and awfully clever.
If it was possible for us or any living organism to produce a reaction? surely it must follow that if taken to its ultimate or to any degree, that we are all extinct. As unquestionably a reaction must nullify and eradicate the said action. Anyone with even the merest nuance of savvy must comprehend this?
This is in regard to a little four-letter word that is endorsed in every language on the globe, It doesn’t begin with the letter F but it has f_-_-_ed the entire world up.
This word is promoted to have been derived from the Latin or old French and one of its meanings is to pulse. It’s in the book so it must be true. I, on the other hand, knowing absolutely nothing, with no distinguished education and no long line of laudable letters after my name. find this hard to believe and I accredit its inception to the Old Norse. I haven’t read many Anglo Saxon annals (what little there are), but I haven’t seen this word once. However, after 1066 it’s encroachment into the language and gradual demise of other diction rose alarmingly.
Its use in our vocabulary is to describe an action that we can produce at will!
it apparently has an appraisal, a contrary appraisal to another that we possess, an action which is also a four-letter word beginning with the same letter and can be accepted.
According to the powers that be, the ones who must be obeyed; it is a force in its own right. It really sounds equitable and palatable to our frail sensibilities and has been time-honoured for hundreds of years. After all is said, written, seen and accepted there is only one very small eensy-weensy problem.


The great deity above: never furnished us with an action named PUSH.
The only place that a push exists is in our mind.
We are only endowed with one option of producing power or force, Its called muscle. The last time I looked all muscles pull all 699/700 of them. The experts can’t decide on the actual number, but it has to be 700.
To produce what everyone regards as a push you have to use at least two, or a multiple of two muscles, diametrically. To put it in layman’s terms. It’s obvious that to draw something towards ourselves requires us to pull, however, pulling anything forward or ahead is almost completely obscured. Only a very few are privy to any alteration in sensation and even fewer can see it. The rest accept an impossibility i.e. a push!