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About This Site

The sporting world looks down on the great sport of darts, as a drunkards pastime and so readily believes the disinformation applied to it.
However, darts in its original form, that I will enlighten you about in the book; which is incidentally one of the four oldest forms of successful hunting known to man and as such holds the answer to all yips.
Likewise, the other three oldest forms are just as unbelievable and similarly unfashionable.

For twenty seven years I suffered from Dartitis.
Over these years, I beat the malady on hundreds of occasions, only to fall back into this clogging quagmire every time.
Finally I determined the correct understanding followed by the proper response or remedy and have now been Dartitis-free for over six years.

Another reason this site has been set up is to prove to my detractors that I am not a scammer.
May I here and now request and advise my decriers; please, do not purchase the book.
I have seen to it that this remedy will not work on you.
I do not want your money!
I do not want your apologies!
I certainly do not want your presence!
Please save your readies!
For you there will be no refund!
Spend your hard earned pennies or ill gotten gains on other books, magazines, videos, discs portraying a cure for Dartitis or Yips by esteemed professionals or budding Einstein. Spend your spare time watching endless games of top players in the vain attempt of discerning what they do and how they do it. Listen to the inane opinions of the commentating ex-pros, who just can’t do it anymore. Listen to their pathetic excuses and eventually realise how you’ve been conned.
As for watching endless hours of games, what is the bloody point, my favourite adage is
‘What you observe is not what you see and what you sense is not what you feel’.
Which although a bit of a conundrum is nearly fact.
Because as you have been programmed to discern, (what you consider as an action) an artisans performance in whichever sporting endeavour they are renowned for. Your expecting to see this thing and you will.
Just as you will no doubt feel yourself projecting something forward with the aid of this accepted action.
But you neither see it or feel it.
Because it doesn’t exist, never has done and never will!
You can be grateful that I have condescended to enlighten you so heaven knows you don’t merit it.
May I also say that; unlike you I can see and feel it because I know what i’m looking for and what to sense.

To the others, I bid welcome.
I will turn you from a dart thrower to a Dartist, from an archer to a Robin Hood.
To all the suffering great players, I will give you some Lazarus!
As far as I can determine, I am the only person on this planet that knows what Dartitis or the yips are.
Not surprisingly, when determining the reason for Dartitis in Darts, I was also furnished with the answer for the yips in all other afflicted sports!
One other point in my favour, as I am the only one that knows the reason I therefore am  privy to the remedy. I state here and now that this is a remedy as opposed to cure. Stupidity is not curable!
You cure illnesses, be they physical or psychological,
Dartitis and or the yips are neither.
I will emphasise the following statements at nearly at nearly every opportunity.
You cannot push. It is an impossibility!

When you have eliminated the impossible,
Whatever remains, no matter how implausible,
must be the answer!

~ Bo-Jangles