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Cantilevers and their misconstruing!

To accomplish an accurate high-velocity throw or achieve a telling blow in any clubbing sports such as Cricket, baseball, snooker, pool, boxing, even rounders and stoolball, it is absolutely vital that we use  and hopefully understand cantilevers
Not the accepted or should I say assumed depiction attributed *bridges, chairs, roofs, umbrellas*  etc.
Also, we should not mistake them as a lever!
This is a completely different animal.
Cantilever brakes, scissor, humans and perhaps ailerons on aircraft wings are different. They do use cantilevers
I would if asked categorise the four objects marked with*, as bracing levers as they are static, whereas a real cantilever moves.
They have an animated action!
A fair description of what I accepted as a cantilever is;
A beam inhibited at one end. The beam carries the load at one end by use of angles and a centre of mass. It supports the extended weight with stress and counterbalance and moves in operation.
A cantilever construction supports projecting structures without external steadying, as opposed to a beam supported on both ends as in a lintel.
Cantilevers are often pointlessly built with trusses.
The directly above description describes a static application.
This is the reason I mention the cantilever bicycle brake as it has a definite action.
As with the incorrectly depicted pair of scissors, or correctly described scissor, it is a true cantilever, it has an action.  In regard to this enigmatic tool, most people see two blades,
I don’t, I only see one blade?
Incidentally, the mention of stoolball is basically included, because the land of the free takes great pleasure in informing all and sundry that the game of Baseball is older than the English game of rounders, which I would reluctantly agree with, however, I wouldn’t crow about it!
Conservatively guessimated at five hundred years old, Not a chance!
Both these games and also cricket being derived from an ancient game named Stoolball, which was played by milkmaids on these Sceptred isles millennia ago, usually, after a hard day’s pulling and squeezing nipples and other labours, it is conservatively guessimated as being 500 years old. also quite a kick in the teeth for the male bastion that the word is milkmaid  You stole a woman’s game. Twots!
This Serf’s game was around before the possibility of a Johnny come lately New World was even considered!
The cantilever is what people blunderingly regard as a push!

This is an absolute certainty!

The Omission of Cantilevers in Darts and other yip plagued sports is a massive problem.
The Only Problem!
In darts, sufferers declare that Dartitis, just came out of the blue and laid me low”?
This never actually happens!
Or all of a sudden I couldn’t let go of the dart?
These are the favourite retorts of the newly afflicted.
These are their romances, whether they be of the highest or lowest order, depends solely on your opinion?
This is, “woe is me, guano”!
It was building for ages, and in most cases, the sufferer knew it.
They knew something was getting worse, they feared their Armageddon was coming and when the fully matured manifestation finally disembarked on their sorry arses, they were lost and without the dawning of dumb ignorant luck, they are lost forever? Or were!
Eventually, they knew it had arrived, but prayed that the dreaded Charon of darts was not really paying them a visit. However, the realisation of the inevitable trip across the oche -Styx sinks in.
Then it really starts!
They, the afflictive remain very quiet, hoping upon hope that lady luck would smile on them. This is one of the times that honesty is really the best policy, you have to admit that you have it.
You are in dire need of a true friend, even if it’s just to listen to your tale of woe.
For you cannot pay the ferryman yourself! Someone else has to cough up the obol to pay for the ferry.
You are dead in the water.
How can you hope to overcome this dilemma without help?  The reason or cause will not, can not and does not penetrate their reasoning, as the whole of their beliefs are erroneous.
All they know is, that it’s arrived; that dreaded something that apparently has no reason and no answer, It had chosen them, why oh why me, I did nothing wrong! Why me?
Don’t feel sorry for me or them, they and I knew it was arriving for ages before it showed and actually detonated in my/our faces.
The above rejoinders * are favoured by dart playing sufferers, I assume that these responses or their equivalent are favoured retorts from other yip infested sports.
It is hard to admit your in trouble, because of the taboo or stigma afforded to it. Especially if you’ve dished out plenty of arrogance on the way up.
Nobody wants to be regarded as a buffoon, to be identified as an inflicted, to be laughed or sneered at.

Our beliefs and assertions are wrong!
Yes, you’re wrong, but you won’t entertain the fact. We all need to accept the truth. We proclaim so passionately that it just arrived that we ourselves believe in what we’re saying!  This, in essence, is just how we lit the Dartitis or yips fuse in the first place!
In all actuality, you didn’t just get Dartitis you always had it.
We generally lined ourselves up for the kill years previously, mainly because we listened to our betters, the seasoned Thraggers and our memories.
Dartitis and yips as in all other affected sports is or was a latent time bomb, ticking and just awaiting detonation.
However, I am certainly not saying that the advice advanced and accepted from well regarded and trusted advisers were forwarded for any malicious reason.
No! It is simply that they regard the advice they give as the truth, it’s what they most ardently believe they do themselves, they are absolutely certain they do it. Thus they promote their beliefs accordingly, they are under the impression that they are offering a great service.
We are never going to disbelieve someone who has been playing darts for decades. Likewise, the very idea of doubting a professional, a stalwart who has won just about everything going, is not the done thing, especially when it’s virtually certain you are going to be in that massive minority of one.
No one is going to back you up. It’s so much easier to join the ranks of the sneering know-alls, the verbal diarrhoea brigade. But always they congregate in a throng!
The mentality of the herd is against you, everyone will back the accepted doctrine even if some sense that it’s wrong.
If this iconic player states he does one thing and is so successful then that statement must be sacrosanct.
The same applies to all other top professionals in all sports and is endorsed and declared and usually perpetrated by the coaches of these sportsmen.
The media endorsement it lemming-like, they have no option, but to side with these well-reimbursed gurus and champions of the people.
Only when something goes wrong are questions asked and fingers wagged. Build them up, break them down!
They who know everything, who in fact know absolutely nothing are without contestation.
They may be absolute charlatans, naive well healed charlatans it must be said, but charlatans just the same.
However in most cases, they are genuine, they truly believe the hypothesis they advance.
Whilst I have great regard for the strength of their belief, it does not alter the fact that they are wrong and do more harm than good!
Their teachings will not kick you in the teeth straight away, this is one of the reasons that Dartitis or the yips has been such a sod to fathom out!
These mistaken, but genuine advisers have made small fortunes and usually large reputations on the misinterpretation of a mistake.
They are unfortunately superficial and their appraisal is one-dimensional!

Does everyone recall the first dart that they ever threw? This probably also goes for the first golf swing or their equivalent in other sports etc..
Not the smooth action that was ultimately developed and that we were so smugly pleased about, no!
The first dart, stroke, hit what have you, was a complete cock-up!
For darts players, think back and remember the gemorse of your first thrown dart. The day when you impersonated a deranged orang-u-tang.
In Darts you adhered to the uttering s of a mentor, who told you to push the dart and you looked a right prat!
You were told a certain thing and tried to do it.
You felt a right pratt because you couldn’t do it.
But you should console yourselves as nobody ever did what is being endorsed and nobody ever will!
Not even the person who advised you to do it did it ever. So what happens or happened to you had probably already happened to them.
This is a fact, same appraisal same belief!
However, you carried on, as your adviser carried on and bit by bit you altered your approach, action and mindset, without ever even noticing it at all! Just as your adviser obliviously did!
However, you retained the memory of this mentors valued advice, advice on the action that you never did, but were advised to do. You assumed or more likely subliminally convinced that your constant relentless prosecution of this professed action eventually smoothed out the flaws and produced the required solution.
You assumed practice, practice, practice was making you improve, whereas it was really alteration, alteration, alteration!
To this day you are advised to practice, practice, practice!
It didn’t matter a jot about the given advice, as the correct alterations you independently but unconsciously applied eventually took precedence!
They never registered in the little grey cells, but it was this, your own personal counselling that was paramount.
The guru’s recommendations disappeared out the window being replaced by the real action of the cantilever, which equals a pull, or in essence two pulls and multiples thereof. These are true actions administered and controlled by us.

Cantilevers as we know them today, are not something discovered by a scientist or an engineer, they’ve been around for millions of years!

Ugg in the cave was doing it, using them whilst fire was still running amok on this pebble of a planet.
The description stating that a cantilever is a beam,  anchored at one end and carrying the weight of the other end using stress is crap.
This is an inanimate object it does not move, it is static, so how can it lever?
A true cantilever delivers momentum, angle and power in one defined direction. Actually when the correct momentum, angle and power is applied in the complete opposite direction!
The action is dynamic, it uses action, none of it is static or fixed
This is a cantilever, or in essence half the cantilever
All great sportsmen in every sport use cantilevers.
I am tired of using niceties, when I say, sportsmen, I mean all sports people.
Why should I care, why should I be in a minority by being distinctive.
Today we live in a society that endorses the word actor in describing the entire thespian fraternity.  the word actress is only apparently used when the fairer sex wins some distinction and is praised for doing their job of entertaining us, poor peons.
Therefore we don’t have actors and actresses anymore, so why should I give a toss.
If I could find a word that rhymes with Thespian, I could probably realise a reason why?
In the pipeline, there appears to be a heterosexual pageant planned to celebrate the abnormality of being natural.
Acclaiming the fact that this small minority are presumably normal, but then again maybe they won’t need to be so nervously brazen or ostentatious to camouflage their disorder or to stick the fact of being natural in peoples faces.
Maybe they don’t need to con themselves and everybody else that there is nothing prescribed in what they are.
Come to the revolution!
Apparently, there is a government edict, that all married couples (man and wife) should have three children from now on.
One of each?

Cantilever brakes, cantilever bridges, cantilever chairs, cantilever umbrellas, these are all universally accepted cantilevers.
As I say with the exception of the cantilever brake I don’t consider any as cantilevers.
However the longbow and the Trebuchet are true cantilevers, but you’ve never been taught this.
Unfortunately, the hierarchy of the Mensa aspiring brigade cannot fathom it.
If you can fathom out how a scissor actually works, you’ve cracked it.
Not as simple as you may think!
To give you a massive clue or insight, I correctly termed it scissor, not scissors or a pair of scissors!

What the vast, ‘almost the entire majority’ of dart throwers misconstrue as a push is in actuality the second pull or the second action. It’s better known as a cantilever!
The better you are at throwing the more cantilevers you are using and when you eventually realise that you are or have been advised in error, you must finally comprehend that every cantilever makes use of two opposite but equal pulls you start to realise just how complex throwing a dart is.
Sir Isaac’s accepted thesis on the third law of motion is not correct. Once you accept this you cannot fail!
It’s not my fault I didn’t design the universe.

When have you eliminated the impossible?
Whatever remains?
No matter how improbable.
Must be the truth!