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Who, you may ask are the dipsticks referred to!
Well, I’m afraid if you are one of the many seeking the remedy to Dartitis or any other admired sports with Yips? You are one!
You have listened to the expert, the professor, the doyen, the authority, the professional, the ace or the aficionado and they have all completely stuffed you with their assured miscomprehension.
You see them, but more malevolently hear them pulpiteering their twaddle and you are hooked, why?
Because; you and most everyone else is taken in by past exploits together by beguiled amaurotics so replete with themselves!
The word dipstick is not aimed to be disrespectful, it is merely an attention grabber.
People are so needful for acceptance to show off their artistry, they believe everything that is said to them. I am always going on about the subliminal aspects in our lives, harping on about the way people are hoodwinked into believing a complete lie.
The easiest and most successful form of subliminal manipulation is a lie. The most auspicious manipulators are thespians and MP’s closely followed by Doctors, advertising executives and the media. We believe that nobody would deliberately go out of their way to misinform others of certain factors, but it’s true and we encounter it every single day and on innumerable occasions.
We don’t believe this only because we are basically good people and we are brought up to believe the good in people.
These people are fundamentally evil they get their jollies from making money or reaching as high a status as possible and they don’t care who they hurt or destroy. Even causing wars is of no concern, after all, they’re not going to fight them, they’ll just build and supply the weapons.
We are such idiots, however, when idiots finally realise what complete plonks they’ve been they tend to get a little angry with themselves and look for something or someone to vent a little anger on. They tend to react quite virulently especially to something that has been hidden from them for even the briefest length of time. Imagine what’s going to happen when this expanse of time traverses nearly 950 years.
At the present time, we have a pandemic supposedly sweeping the globe uniquely named the Coronavirus. All the worlds media and politicians are dutifully and dramatically feigning their concerns. informing us so precariously of their concerns and ur imminent demise. However, if you really ingest the whole thing you get the underlying true concerns about the stock markets and the intrinsic monetary attachment.