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Equations and mechanics

The mechanical basics of how to throw a Dart
The Throw

There has to have been masses of mail from people asking for advice on how a dart is thrown. I give no thought or consideration whatsoever to that well documented and oft portrayed parabola arc animation which is oft times displayed on many websites.
It actually proves their gullibility and ignorance!
A stupid little drawing depicting their so-called parabolic arc, or more especially to the other inane piece of animation that usually accompanies it.
Then there are all these all inspiring equations festooning the web.
Equations such as
(E = Mg(b+c)sin0= Mg(b+c)(a/c).
E = Mg(a-b)+mg(a+c)=MV2/2+mv2/2+Iw2/2, where ( I ) is the moment of inertia of the beam about its centre of mass an (w) is the angular speed).
Which together with other similar proposals are not only gobbledygook but cannot be correct as it refers to a different aspect than what we actually accomplish!
It is readily furnished and likewise greedily accepted as the Bonafide way a dart is actually thrown.
I consider it for what it is; absolute rubbish!
What this depiction essentially describes, is how everyone believes they throw a dart.
It is a definition placed in your psyche.
It is determined as an arching delivery!
What is actually being portrayed is a parabola delivery, I use the word parabola as the word parabolic does not exist, there is no such word, but doesn’t it sound good?
This is their definition,  of the secondary portrayal of the action to deliver a dart.
It has been used by the archers at many confrontations including  Crecy. Poitier’s, but not at Agincourt
It was also depicted as the accepted way a Trebuchet delivers its payload, whereas, once again it portrays its ancillary depiction. David could never have slain Goliath using a parabola delivery. If he actually slew him with a sling slung stone?

The principal technique is a linear delivery.
No true dart champion has ever thrown using a parabola mindset.
If you watch the first ever Embassy World championship you can see John Lowe struggling with the two techniques. He didn’t struggle the following year!
Champions today are descended right back to our antediluvian hunting forefathers who initiated the linear application.
The top hunters used a linear trajectory, these people were the tribe or clans, true benefactors. Not the chief.
Later on, the chief would turn on this true subscriber of survival who, without doubt, was the individual who sustained and ensured the longevity of the clan.
As in all societies, the head cheese is really not needed, but imposes their usurped authority on the dull masses by whatever means required!
At the beginning of time, they were the biggest family group.
The Bullies!
This has basically descended into government

The linear delivery
It uses no levers but does use cantilevers.
It uses no grip but does use a Grippe.
It has no equations as the mechanics are not understood.
The correct application belies what you see and what you feel.
This action identifies man’s pitiful inability to describe this action, as we do not have the vocabulary!
It’s not that we are not articulate enough, as we most certainly are, the only problem is that the words that have to be used have not been devised! Or more likely they had been verbalised and then omitted.
The statement is not effrontery, I believe it’s authenticity.
We actually do something that our limited acceptance cannot countenances.
Our evolution enabled us the ability to throw, without it the human race would not have survived on this spinning lump of a rock!
It was our ability to generate high-speed throws aligned with phenomenal accuracy, that sets us above the beasts and ensured our survival.
Chimpanzees are apparently our closest relatives, which must be true as, just like us as they make war on themselves, but then again so do ants!
However, although chimps are much stronger and more athletic than us, their ability to accurately throw at high velocity is quite dismal.
Scientists all over the planet have been endeavouring to teach the Chimp to throw for years and have failed to get any improvement on about 20 MPH.
In fact, scientists have been trying to fathom out how we do it for centuries. Writing the endless thesis on their findings and receiving great acclaim for something they get wrong, something they can’t possibly hope to decipher without the aid of a dart thrower. It has to be a dart thrower no one else will suffice!
Despite being incredibly strong and very athletic, an adult male chimp, that has been trained to throw, can only throw a ball at approximately 20 mph.
This is even more unimpressive when compare that with the accepted conservative throwing ability of man at an estimated 90 mph.
Actually, man can throw much faster than this!
This brings to the fore two obvious scenarios, the first being that the chimp has a deficiency somewhere and is not like us at all, or more to the point and far more trenchant, that we don’t understand how we do it, so we can’t teach it!
This truth will often appear as a scathing attack on our intellect by a few.
Incidentally, there is an animal on this planet that can throw just like us and that animal is the elephant!

In other areas of both my website and book, I have given clues as to how we actually throw a dart with such unerring accuracy and velocity.
It undoubtedly sounds as if I am a complete loony and or an attention seeker. I cannot help what you think, I have stated the facts and eventually, I will be vindicated, but it will far too late for me as I am getting too long in the tooth now.
Not to throw a dart or anything, or hit anything correctly,  as I can do it far better than nearly anyone of any age group.
I’m just tired, spending 27 years hunting the reason and then further years trying to disprove it.

When you have eliminated the impossible,
Whatever remains,
No matter how improbable<
Must be the truth!