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I know what I do.

This statement sets me apart from everyone else. Now!
Not because it’s any different than what everyone else will state, because it isn’t!
However, in my case, it is an actuality, a provable truth.
Listening to the experts is our biggest error, if you mentioned electricity to most people, they would automatically think Thomas Edison, whereas the architect of the real electrical system that everyone uses was Nikola Tesla, he never stole anything or anyone’s ideas!
I wonder why we think this way!

I know what I do, so therefore I know what you should be doing.
No one, who throws (Thraggs) correctly, applies any differing action or employs a different mindset than any other correctly attuned (Thragger) thrower. No matter what Rod Harrington states.
Differing styles are relevant, but the action and mindset remain constant.
More confidence allows greater flexibility and induces haughtiness to a massive degree.
Leading to intense dislike from adversaries and teammates alike. This statement may appear silly, but it’s undoubtedly true!
Eric Bristow suffered this when he was at his zenith. Talking of Eric I assure you he was not a spent force, he could have re-emerged anytime he wanted to.
All the bad treatment he merited really only amounted to one thing, jealousy on other people’s part. All because they couldn’t be that good and why? because they had no minerals.
Not long ago I was egged into throwing some darts at a local sports club,
I’d had a few bevvies and relented.
I had always told the barman and patrons that I had been a very good thrower once, but that I had succumbed to Dartitis!
However, after years of endeavour, I had figured it out and could once again throw correctly.
Per-contra, I knew that they never really believe me.
How could a 62-year-old locksmith in the heart of KZN knowingly work out what the supposed greatest minds of the sporting world could not?
Well to cut a long story short I gave them a bit of an exhibition with the old arrahs.
I even threw in the “what I call” the golf throw, where just as yips infected golfers change hands to putt, Dartitis sufferers can change legs putting the opposite foot forward to formulate the correct riposte!
This is a well provable fact, although you’ve never heard of or realised this quick get out, until now!
This is a never before published “get out of Dartitis instantly” trick.
Unfortunately, the bug returns as soon as you stand correctly again.
So never take the mick out of anyone who stands cocky-legged, as you may get a nasty surprise.
For about two and a half hours I amused them.
It also brings into focus that age in darts doesn’t really matter.
I was hitting whatever I wanted, but the youngsters had a lot of difficulties getting the darts to just stick in the board.
There’s a lot to be said for rhythm and technique!
Well after the demo it was obvious that they were all impressed. Not only with the accuracy as much as the velocity attained.
I also couldn’t help noticing that the younger generation, not just in KZN, but all over the world have almost lost or are losing the ability to count.
Probably all down to the programming they undergo, this under the guise of what is laughingly called education, of course, governmental manipulation doesn’t even enter the equation, or does it?

I recall they asked how I could throw the darts so hard without any visible effort.
I left them with my favourite little adage of “what you observe is not what you see and what you sense is not what you feel”.
Which is the physical part of the conundrum!

When all is said and done, listening to someone who definitely has an ability, or worse, someone who has lost that ability. but retains the regard afforded them.
Can and usually is the biggest mistake we can possibly make!
It matters not a jot what aspect of life we are concerned with.
Obeisance is contagious.
To be part of the throng is a need of pandemic proportions.
It is basically; self-induced subliminality!