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Is it possible?

Do you think you can fool your brain?
On the other hand can your brain fool you?
Do you think that you can position your digits, hand and arm in such a manner that bemuses your interpretation?
Do you think that you can fool your reasoning so utterly, that it completely belies the positioning you are actually adopting?
Fooling your intellect so completely, that even the actual direction that you are propelling an object, is a complete reversal of the direction you are trying to direct it?
A perception which emphasises a certain action, whereas that action is entirely contradictory to what you are achieving!
Even onlookers are fooled into a perspective of seeing things that do not happen.
Top becomes bottom, rear becomes front, left becomes right and forward becomes backward!
Your rationale becomes irrational?
Your logic becomes, illogical?

Do you believe that a nobody from this planet Zero could have possibly worked this out.
Leaving the eggheads gibbering and eternally stressing their infallibility and therefore slating my conclusions as idiosyncratic!
Their adherence to a 2,000,000 year old folly must be maintained at all costs, Maybe not exacting the accepted  comprehension proposed in 1687.
From now and hence forward many of these supposed enlightened ones will be looking for any form of justification to verify their beliefs, trying to validate everything that has been taught in schools, colleges, universities, in fact all teaching establishments since the beginning of time.
Because when this slight, but cataclysmic mistake hits the fan and undermines everything that we believe, no not undermines, when this slight cataclysmic mistake hits the fan and destroys everything we are so certain of. It will   prove to be the most substantial cock up ever made.
Everything that we have been been indoctrinated to believe and obviously mistakenly understood to such an extent that it is accepted as sacrosanct.
Is in fact ‘not to put too fine a point on it, it’s a load of crap!
It means that everything that we adhere to and regard as indubitable might as well go out the window it has no value at all.
We’ve all lived a lie, listening to the intelligent ones, those festooned with awards and acclamation from their own kind, their kindred international fellowship of educating and educated plonkers.
Always from now on, to be remembered as erroneous charlatans  maybe even as massive confidence tricksters, or just one hundred per-cent fools.
A reaction is, = something assessed as being done, felt, or thought in response to an action, situation or event!
An involuntary response to an action, ‘actually two actions’!
It makes no difference if a falsehood is deliberate, inadvertently proffered or a complete miscalculation, it is still a canard or if you prefer a cock-and-bull story.
I regard it as completely malicious.
I will not cite wordings from any author, I cannot in all honesty give acknowledgement to dipsticks or sheep. I may use their words of ignorance, but I feel pretty certain they will not require the royalties or to be more exact their willingness and admittance of being dipsticks?
A reaction cannot be done, it just occurs, we cannot and do not control it.
So you see Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan-Doyle was completely correct.
This is why he penned
When you have eliminated the impossible
Whatever remains
No matter how improbable
Must be the truth.
Which in itself has always been a bit of a mystery to all.
Now; he was intelligent !