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Lies, lies and more lies!

At the end of this chapter, I will enlighten you all with the biggest lie that you have all been perversely indoctrinated with.
Very few will sanction my findings and most will dismiss the relevance as a “so what”.
However when you appreciate the consequences.
It brings into question everything you have ever been taught, everything that is condoned and acquiesced.
Not bad for a four letter word that everyone recognises and knows that they perform?
Unfortunately, it is an impossibility for any organism on this planet or in this universe.
Here we have another reason why the book and the explanation were belatedly published.
A bit of revision. It’s very unlikely that you would have heard of some of these characters, why should you have done as most are persona non grata or in other words they went against the establishment, Doing the unthinkable and relating that despicable option; the truth.
We will start with a little trip to the Americas with the conquistadors. We will acquaint ourselves with a certain Bernal Diaz Del Castillo a member of Cortes’s little band of cutthroats. It relates to what the Americans have laughingly named the Atlatl.
Well, it turns out that this chappie, Bernal Diaz Del Castillo, whilst on active service wrote home ‘as all homesick squaddies do’ and related to his mother about the use of these throwing boards that the indigenous used to launch their darts or arrows.
Much later, now being in his seventies he wrote a book describing a tremendous amount about the Cortes invasion and the barbarism that they inflicted on these natives, later historians and men of letters would do a complete hatchet job on these unfortunates that would have done Shakespeare proud.
Later in the c. The 1570s. As with most, if not all true accounts, ‘to the victor lies the spoils’ the manuscript was sent to Spain.
However, it would not appear in print, until 1632, but after and only after Friar Alonzo Reman, the editor had extensively mutilated the text.
In c.1905 a true edition by the Mexican historian Genaro Garcia appeared, taken from an original manuscript that had survived in Guatemala; it described the truth!
The only part that really interests me is the part portraying the Indians use of the throwing board dart, which he described as being extremely capable of penetrating the Spanish Armour.
People today find this hard to believe and it has been basically decried as a lie, many people have tried to replicate it, in recent years people such as Atlatl Bob of the world Atlatl association especially on a program named ‘Weapon Masters’, with Mike Loades when he attempted it.
Please remember this association, according to a numerous amount of websites, contain the best atlatl throwers in the world, all American of course!
Good upbringing restricts me from commenting.
It is and was very easy to penetrate this primitive Armour with a sling/throwing board slung dart, even at a distance of 200 yards.
The secret lies in the special way it is thrown. If you can’t do it properly you can’t possibly imagine what a lethal weapon you have.
With the conquistadors, the effect was in the majority of cases, absolutely terminal and probably instantaneous.
It was referred to as the bung arrow in my neck of the woods, Devonshire. A local Bobbie nicknamed it so accurately as Whispering Death.
This undoubtedly is why the British equivalent was criminalised and banned.
The action can and is transferable to all the sports. ‘I have and will continue to mention throughout this correct perspective’.
It has an ancient and selective capability.
Not all can be champs, but it appears the vast majority can be chumps.

Everyone knows Harold Godwinson was killed at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 by an arrow in the eye. Three accepted facts, which turn out to be two fallacies and a misinterpretation. No battle was fought where the Abbey of Hastings now stands, the actual engagement occurred about two miles away.
Harold was not struck in the eye but below the eye.
The accepted misinterpretation is that Harold was felled by an arrow loosed from a bow, whereas the angle needed to penetrate the brain precludes this, but you can easily replicate this required angle using a sling thrown arrow/dart.
Viking, Dutch, Yorkshire, Poachers, Swiss, French, Devon bung are, among many others, all names for this lethally loosed projectile!
The following extract is for Dart lovers

The Real story of Bigfoot Annakin

Bigfoot and the court.

The real story of the trial.

The Crown v James Garside.

The scene of the crime ————Adelphi Inn. Leeds. Yorkshire. England.
Year of supposed crime————1908.
Charges———————————-Permitting a game of chance, on licensed premises.
Accused———————————-James Garside.
Occupation of Accused ————Publican
Called specialist———————-William Annakin AKA as Bigfoot Annakin.
Specialists Expertise—————Local Champion in Darts, Dominoes, Shove Ha-penny and Quoits.
Occupation of Specialist———Wagon-Builder
Address employed ——————The forge Kirkstall Road. Leeds.

Trial Verdict—————————Innocent, case dismissed.

The man in question and so often misquoted was a certain William Bigfoot Annakin was not a publican at all.
He worked in a forge in the Kirkstall Road, Leeds.
Annakin was, in fact, the best darts and dominoes player in the Adelphi Inn, a beer-house near to his place of work.
When the landlord of the Adelphi Inn, a certain Jim Garside, was summoned to Leeds Magistrates Court to answer the charge of allowing a game of chance i.e. Darts to be played on his premises.
What better tactic than to take along the best darter you know?

The rest of the documented appraisal of what occurred at the court is pretty well accurate and needs no clarification on my part.
Except to say that there is a printed version of the court proceedings which remarks on “Bigfoot hitting three treble twenties to impress the bench”.
This would have been an amazing feat and would have had to involve Dr Who’s intervention, as the Treble Twenty Dartboard was not introduced until after 1918!

William Annakin’s grandson revealed the actual account in 1986, to Patrick Chaplin, known as “Dr Darts”, a well known and respected Darts historian.
William Annakin’s grandson released the information given by word of mouth by his grandfather, stating “that there was, in fact, little drama in the courtroom”.
He also stated that his grandfather was not a publican, but the best darts player around at the time.
The landlord of the Adelphi James Garside asked him to go to court to prove darts was a game of skill.
The J.P’s [Justices of the Peace] asked him to place the darts in selected numbers and he duly obliged, proving it was a game of skill.

There is no written  testament to this info,
Only the oral authentication of his grandson.

As such
Its validity is unimpeachable and without contestation !!

It is impossible, “as yet” to prove that the court case ever took place.
There are no newspaper reports of the case in any of the local newspapers published in 1908.
The actual records of the Leeds Magistrates Court for that period January 1908 to December 1911 were, unsurprisingly, yet unaccountably lost.
Incidentally, this is another point of fact that ignores anything that vindicates the Dart as being a true weapon of the highest order.
In fact, any referral to the dart and its rightful place at the vanguard in the hierarchy of all sports is glossed over, lied about or misinterpreted!
I believe that one day a newspaper will surface from an attic or some such place and prove that this event did take place. 

How about some real Truth.

Why do you think that most sporting bodies do not accept darts as a bona-fide sport?
Why do they accept and condone the following as sports where in fact they are actually pastimes or drills?
They may be exciting to watch and partake in, but they are not sports. 
  1. Football
  2. Rugby
  3. Basketball
  4. Canoeing
  5. Cycling
  6. Gymnastics
  7. Motorsports
  8. Netball
  9. Rowing
10. Sailing
11. Swimming
12. Triathlon
13. Weightlifting
14. Wrestling.

These are bi-sports
  1. Badminton
  2. Baseball
  3. Bowls
  4. Curling
  5. Cricket
  6. Fencing
  7. Hockey
  8. Modern Pentathlon
  9. Snooker
10. Squash
11. Tennis/Table.

These are true sports
1. Archery
2. Shooting.

These are the Original Sports
1. Darts
2. Discus
3. Shot Putt
4. Fish Tickling.
I have omitted the spear because it was not successful!

The true sports were the real saviours of us the human being from the time of Homo-erectus their development heralded our end of being the easiest prey on the planet to our promotion in becoming the hunter supreme, making our survival assured. In other words all true sports are descended from hunting and survival.