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Original Darts to Televised Darts

Darts portrayed on TV is extremely entertaining, mainly because of the accuracy displayed.
However, it is only a game, a sport that evolved out of the need to practice an ancient vital life supporting activity.
On the other hand, original darts is one of the four primary successful hunting techniques known, (or actually because of the lack of historical material, apparently?) unknown to man.
Oh sorry! please forgive me, it may appear that perhaps I am being a little sardonic here, too bloody right I am!
The thing that is missing from televised darts is velocity, which equals penetration. These abilities during man’s progression, transforming mankind from being the most easily hunted prey to him to the most nonpareil exterminator on this planet. Velocity was proportionate with accuracy because a dart was and is a hunting weapon.
Nothing is ever recounted about darts being one of the four pre-eminent successful hunting techniques. Regarding the indicants whether known or unknown are obvious.
Did the intelligentsia, (if they merit this accolade), know about the existence of this mysterious inscrutable technique.
I personally will not recognise any of the expert’s advice, reasoning’s or accolades, I may and do remark on and maybe poach some of these erroneous findings, but merely to coerce them into citing a new statute on the crime of plagiarising. Surely paraphrasing something that is, shall we say untrustworthy cannot be a transgression?
The debate should be quite interesting!
Smartarses putting their two pennyworths in, even though that something remains enigmatic to them, speaks volumes, whereas we, the unregarded remaining retards, the great unwashed have been kept oblivious to what has been deemed as a seemingly irrelevant fact?
However, one of the saddest things of all is, the majority of us regard these as just that; irrelevant!
I can assure you that this technique is not irrelevant, especially to the boffins, not by one iota.
As I write this, the eggheads all over the world are trying to decipher how some people can throw, not only accurately but with such lethal dispatch. The vast majority cannot do it!
Information is, has always been and will continue to remain, the most powerful of all weapons.
What they, the great deceivers, regard as inconsequential, is doled out to us by the bucket load, it’s made to appear important and in many cases reeks of the essence of life?
Nonetheless, the most important criteria of authority are, “don’t let the peons know that”. As with most useful information it is regarded as sensitive the normal procedure is to keep us in our places. Real info is sacrosanct.
Anyway, once again I digress.
The basic difference between original darts and championship darts is the terminal velocity that can and is dispensed by the true artisan.
The accuracy is analogous!
Very few or any of dart players today could, using a dart players stance, generate enough velocity to kill prey.
Which is what the dart was originally intended for.
The dart was meant to kill, and the stance is extremely important!
Why is the stance important, the way a dart player positions their body is only used in darts, whole idea stems from antediluvian times? It was essential that we gave the prey as little chance as possible, we are talking survival here.
We had to get the dart into the prey as quickly as possible, after stalking we had to throw the weapon but cut down on the chances of being seen. This is why a dart player still stands the way they do today, if you raise your arm above your head or shoulder as you would do with a javelin, (an unsuccessful hunting weapon), you would break your profile, the prey would see this, startle and scarper.
The original dart throwing technique transcended us to very successful hunters, as is proved by our survival.
Later we added propulsion systems to enable us to extend our range. Adapting and using twine or a rigid launching additive for launching the bung arrow. The sling and the throwing board.
These took their own historical paths until they were eventually successfully combined, then the bow and arrow and finally the trebuchet were born.
As I say “darts are meant to kill”, but most players do not use this technique, they put themselves under extreme pressure and use a parabola throw. This a very substandard alternative, you see, there is nothing easy about the parabola action.

When you have eliminated the impossible
Whatever remains
No matter how improbable
Must be the truth