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The answer to yips in other sports?

This was s a question that really never entered my mind.
That was until after I had found the reason and riposte for Dartitis!
The answer to the query is a resounding; yes!
Nevertheless, it didn’t and still doesn’t concern me in the slightest that the champions of other sports suffer and struggle with their mistaken ideas  of the yips!
Why should it?
These sports all laughed at darts, not accepting it as a legitimate sport?
Whereas, in fact most of these so called super sports, are really not sports at all
They should kowtow to darts as their superior.
Although, Darts just as with all the other sports listened to the experts, the professors, the doyens, thus we paid and are paying the price.

When we copped the bug, we all read everything that we could regarding this enigma of the sporting world.
We were instantly gratified to find that there was so much information on the problem which proliferated by the hour.
A regular library was at hand on the net,.
Everyone was a guru on the problem and everyone and his dog knew what caused it and therefore everyone had a remedy. Please note I say remedy not a cure. This is not an illness unless you call  irrationality an illness.
Only one slight problem here though, everyone supposedly knew what caused it and therefore had a cast iron idea on how to supposedly cure it? No one actually told you.
How is it that no one anywhere ever resolved it.
How come that, a very good Scottish born golfer named Tommy Armour was first to coin the word in the 1920’s, almost a hundred years ago. It was probably in 1927 at the Shawnee Open where he scored  18 over par on a par 5, only a week after winning the American open?
And you can bet your last penny he wasn’t the first to experience this degrading and perplexing phenomenon, in whatever sport you care to mention, but he was the first to be honest enough to speak of it.
The number of sports affected by this anomaly has spread and the list is quite extensive even sports that have no idea that it happens in their sporting diversion.
It doesn’t just appear to contaminate other sports stars in other sports, it does!
The answers obvious really, the symptoms and diagnosis are always wrong because our thinking is completely spurious.
Each and every proposal appears to address that particular sufferers problem, however it’s a pretty safe bet on my part that the riposte devised was short lived. It came back and came back and came back.
It must be stated that the problem is the same in everyone, there is no difference whatsoever. The only discrepancy is every sufferers depiction of what they experience. They affliction appears different to everyone, as all sufferers  are drawn to different sensations and different areas!
So therefore although the problem does exist and is identical in all, everyone is hunting for a different sensation  alternative area which is set by memory and is deceiving.
They also search for the remedy by attempting to implement an action that is not an action, searching for an excepted action that doesn’t exist!
Now that has got to be an enigmatic paradox. Never to be solved!
Let’s look at some of the reasons given.
Not manny as it’s boring and wrong!

Yips, apparently a noun?

It’s a nervous tension that causes an athlete to fail, it especially causes golfers to miss short putts!

To circumvent the yips the golfer will legally change his or her putting style.
Or finally illegally use one of those stupidly looking putters.
I consider this cheating!
They should play in a different tournament against their own type of non entity.
Just as ten pin bowlers.
Those who use an arm strap should not be permitted to compete against the true contestants!
In rugby they are patronisingly called artificial aids,
Heaven knows what rugby calls the TEE they use to take place kicks.
If thats not an artificial aid, what the hell is it?
Also rugby contravenes its most fundamental basic law in almost every game.
This law adds up to the following, no matter how you want to twist the wording!
The ball is moved forward by passing the ball backwards from the hand.
(*not adjacent or level).
*This a recent additive to permit the All Blacks to legally do what they have always done.
Accepting what actually constitutes the front of the hand is really going to give Rugby a massive headache!
The dropkick must be illegal as the ball travels forward from the hand to the foot, unless you stand sideways!
Bang goes the rules and the game of rugby.
Which really isn’t a sport as it is derived from warfare. i.e. tactics!

A nervous condition which prevents a sportsman from playing properly. A condition which causes a golfer to hook or slice, maybe also forcing a tennis player to serve a double fault.

Yips, the loss of fine motor skills without explanation in a number of different sports.
The up and coming technical terms, as used by the next bunch of want to be noticed idiots are, focal Dystonia or Bursitis.
Using these explanations for Dartitis or any sport yips is reprehensible .
The level that some people will sink to is disgusting

Afflicted athletes demonstrate a sudden, unexplained, loss of a previous skill.

Few athletes affected by the yips ever recover their ability,  they do, as stated, compensate by changing their technique.
More usually they are forced to abandon their sport at the highest level and become pundits or commentators, pontificating about some sport or other, unfortunately and much to our chagrin and their soon to be embarrassment, one that they didn’t understand in the first place.
This is easy money, who’s going to call them a liar they’re ex champions and stalwarts of their craft.
Or should I have said, ‘who was going to call them a liar’?
Oh by the way a lot of blame attributed to the yips, would best be attributed to bottling out or just being short of the old minerals.