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Obviously a little sarcastic joviality on my part, but on a very critical theme. Just like any true Englishman I treat adversity with a quip and a laugh, the quintessential stiff upper lip job is a charming misconception, promoted by the upper classes.
Let us have a look at Chivalry, which obviously originates from the word Chevalier, brought to these Sceptred Isles by the Vikings and influenced by the French during their stay In Normandy. Most peoples depiction of a Knight stems from the depictions in verse, tales, myths, on effigies and portraits, later cinema and television lent a hand. As a child, I remember a crowned Sir Laurence Olivier astride his charger galloping across the grassy hillocks to deliver the coup-de-grace to the French at Agincourt.
Agincourt; elsewhere in the book gives the true account.
The Vikings (Normans) brought over their ignoble language, castles, churches, Domesday Books etc and everyone thinks they know about those. However malignant or benevolent you regard these is a personal thing.
Withal what they also brought something more destructive than anything before or since.and nobody takes into account.