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The Hierarchy of weapons.

What do the Dart, bow, Trebuchet, sling, poachers arrow and many more variants have in common?
At first glance it would appear that they are all weapons of differing types, which to a certain degree is true. however the thing that binds them all together is the way they are launched.
Despite the fact that some are recognised to throw a boulder or a stone and the others are best envisaged as to propel a pointed missile, has nothing to do with it.
Most people accept that a sling or a trebuchet is solely used to cast solid concussion imposing ammunition.
Whilst the bow and poachers arrow are self evidently propel penetration missiles.
Few if any realise that the same sling can be, was, and is used to cast a pointed weapon.
It makes no difference whatsoever if the sling utilised is of a pliable or rigid construction.

Don’t get caught up with the writings of some very intelligent men and women who fixedly believe and profess that a certain delivery system from one part of the globe, is so different from another system used by other indigenous peoples on the other side of this rock of a planet.
They are not!
A sling is a sling, is a sling!
The Bow and Trebuchet only differ from the rest in the fact that they blatantly comprise of both types of slings.
Nevertheless the thing that binds them all together, the common denominator is, they are all descended from the Dart and its unique way of delivery.
Every derivative mentioned copy the action of the dart thrower.
Man was and is the original sling.
The Freudian slip of all Freudian slips is “Oh just sling em!”
Graduates writing thesis’s on the action and delivery system of a Trebuchet, get a resounding pass from their examiners, because they adhere to the/an accepted hypothesis.
They are correct because they have kowtowed to the teachings and have basically assured the tutor that they are heedful.
They have furnished the response they were expected to provide.
Everyone is content, the student because they have achieved the required result and the teacher because they furnished the required information.
Only one problem, They’re both completely wrong!