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The Thragg

The Thragg is a strange name, don’t waste your time by looking it up in any Dictionary or thesaurus, you won’t find it. I made it up.
It is the combination of two words. The words being throw and drag with more emphasis on the drag, hence the double g.
It is the action used by every great sportsperson in whatever sport and application of that particular sport. By which I mean, either in the facet of throwing, bowling, pitching the delivery if you wish. Likewise or consequentially in the corresponding action of batting, baseball slugging, tennis, billiards. It even envelopes foot orientated sports.
It is the precise way and action that every true and great athlete obtains after alluding to it by practice, practice, practice! Just as the archer drilled himself until his body clicked and he went from being a parabola shooter to a pinpoint linear shooter.
Saying that there are a few that attained the action seemingly instantaneously, they are referred to as naturals. These naturals never listened to anyone, or read books or manuals, they only listened to one thing, their bodies.
This wonderful action has, I’m afraid to say, a couple of problems!
The first being that what you feel you are doing, you don’t actually do!
Secondly, what it appears you are doing is not what is actually seen.
Thirdly and the paradox of the whole scenario is consequently what you know what you did and knew what you saw is part of your memories and as so are completely wrong.
Hence that wonderful saying “I’m doing everything I did before, but still I can’t do it”, or the classic “It has to be a mental issue”.
Arrogance personified!