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True origins!
However distasteful it is, without hunting we wouldn’t be here. Just as relevant, is that if the beasts hunting us, had developed a tendency for killing just for the sake of killing, again we would not be here.
Luckily they didn’t, they were, at this time, far and above superior at hunting than us, but like us at this time, they, as they still do only killed to eat and feed their own.
To our antediluvian ancestors, hunting was a necessity. The prey provided not only food and clothing, but also material for tools from the bones, sinews, horns etc. Archaeological evidence and the study of simpler societies of the not too past and present, still show this.
The guile and our ingenuity predetermined the methods of hunting, which appeared as if they varied all over the world,  apparently fluctuating with the nature of the terrain and the prey sought, but in reality, they are remarkably similar. The cunning and resourcefulness learnt by the hunter, together with the materials and knowledge at their disposal were predominant in their success and our survival.
For instance where and when the prey grazed was an acquired knowledge well-honed and an obvious vital knowledge, but also and just as vital, was finding where they didn’t graze. Which would later add another string to the bow of the more astute hunter, ‘so to speak’.
Implements used for hunting at this time consisted of various cudgels and throwing weapons both derived from sticks and stones. For us, traps and snares did not appear for many millennia and only after studying plant and insect practices.  Initially for us, birds and small game were the sought after prey and were in abundance, however, the main advantage for the human hunter was that we were not considered a threat to any animal, we were usually regarded as a walking packed lunch.
We posed no threat to them whatsoever!
However we did have a very good brain and after many trials and errors, we used it to its full potential, eventually going from being easy meat to the most successful hunter on the planet.
Most publications would now proceed to harp on about the introduction of the bow and arrow and the different types of assisted throwing shafts. They certainly did arrive but not for a mammoth million years or more.
They completely disregard the emergence of the special hunter, the mainstay of the tribal group, the person that kept the throng fed, not the chief he just sired the most offspring and because of numbers, was accepted as being the big cheese,  if you didn’t agree with what he advised? he sent the boys around, the first type of government, this led onto what is better known today as a democracy when other factions of the same tribe sired a bigger and bigger clan!
Do not anymore be lulled into believing that the chief was the mainstay of the group, he was not, more usually he was the biggest waste of time and a drag on that particular society. It is a myth perpetrated by the so-called and unfortunately to often believed historians and archaeologists.
It’s also here that the misunderstanding regarding the term sport arrives!
To be a top notched hunter, one that was relied upon to bring home the bacon, therefore, a constant need to practice was paramount, honing his trade to a fine art. With this, the word would get around that Ug of the fat chief tribe was nearly as good as Og of the even fatter chief tribe, basically, a meeting was set up to prove one’s prowess against the other. A competition to see who better at the hunt. Not only accuracy was assessed but also penetration, consistency and  Stamina. This is how a true sport originated, the expertise obtained whilst feeding the brood. One hunter against the prey for the survival of the clan and the perfection of his art is automatic.
Most people hear the word sport and imagine, or are indoctrinated into the two perverse depictions of what it has descended into.
Either of the hierarchy galloping around the countryside in their pretty red tunics at the head of a baying group of hounds, chasing down some terrified fox or stag, and having the audacity to call it sport, the thrill of the chase, ‘what ho’? However tasteless and perverse the above is, part of it did derive from the true meaning of sport. Hunting.
It does nevertheless mostly originate from it’s a more perverse adaptation of the word.
In England post-1066, a new covenant appeared discerning the difference between hunting for sport and hunting for food. The Normans decide that the hunt or as they called it “the chase” would be organised to obtain the most kills for as little effort as possible. The gentry apparently governed themselves by a strict code of conduct, but did they, was it for that reason, maybe it was a really a ploy to prevent the peasantry any opportunity of sustaining themselves. Game birds were only to be hunted by hawks and falcons. Whereas the someone needing to fill the mouths of his family was restricted to netting. The bow was virtually outlawed for the peasantry and to be caught with the Poacher’s arrow was an instant death sentence. Although this device had won them the battle of Hastings. Fish tickling was also outlawed.
Every reason was given to support these new tenet’s. But basically, the real reason that hunting was made so difficult was that the Normans could not hunt as well as the Anglo’s and the Saxons.
They couldn’t do tickling as they had never actually witnessed it, and as for the poacher’s arrow how could they possibly do something that they couldn’t possibly understand. They didn’t even comprehend how a bow worked, so to understand the complexities of its predecessors was a definite no, no! A mystery, an enigma, a paradox,
Even today they don’t understand how a dart is thrown, how a throwing board works or how an arrow is delivered from a bow. This is an absolute fact. All they use is conjecture and get it wrong, but it appears not to matter as they’ve got it wrong for approaching two million years!
The other malignant adaptation of the word sport derives from warfare, where one stupid chief gets a bee in his bonnet about some other stupid chief and the whole issue pervades into a confrontation. 
The chief doesn’t actually do any of the scrapping though, no he’s far too important for that, he just plants his fat arse in a safe place and watches the proceedings from a distance. If his minions are victorious he is hailed as a great leader, a tactical mastermind. He is commemorated, acclaimed and celebrated, he goes down in history as a great commander a leader of men a national hero. A great many of today’s multi-pound sports are derived from warfare! The chiefs are now called managers and coaches but the stupidity still breeds an acceptance of these pricks and the all-pervading tactic.
This is where the second and vilest depiction of the word sport derives, It is alarming how many of these so-called sports which aren’t real sports are accepted as sports.
Just a few of these multi £ non-sports include,
Football, not to be mistaken for soccer, derived because a certain 666 brigade cannot pronounce association.
Rugby, actually derived from football,  rugby actually contravenes its main law in every game played!
(What a stupid little boy Webb Ellis was)!
Baseball, which is derived from Stoolball an English Milkmaids & children’s Game,
American, Gridiron Football, Grid is a derivation of griddle an English word.
Australian Rules football,
All cue sports,
I  will even include Lacrosse, no money in it, but was originally played with somebodies head.
The list is fairly interminable, but farther down the line wains decidedly because of the amount of readies not involved.
Today that’s all that counts. Money!
Sad bastards aren’t we?