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e’bWhy didn’t I disclose beforehand

To be quite honest with everyone.
There in itself is a novel idea, telling the truth!
Right from the start, I was going to release the reason!
It was going to be gratis to all.
But after first revealing that I had the remedy and so, therefore, knew the cause;
I was assailed and ridiculed by the members of many dart sites, who were given free reign by their administrators and moderators.
So be it, I thought.
I also did not want the Dart thrower to belittle themselves.
Especially when you come to appreciate how much the analytic controllers hate this sport and its progenitors!
It destroys the written history, in fact, it destroys everything!

I was/am so naively proud of myself that I just leapt into the cauldron of stewing leper minds.
Not realising the absolutely despicable reception that I and my correct assertions would encounter, what I received was repugnant to all civilised people, promoted by the cloned programmed retards that proffer their tuppence worth of what purports to be intelligence.
Diluted with the usual form of arse licking and grovelling from our last know all know nothing last few generations, you know the ones that are going to be advising us in the future.
All I can say is, god help the world, because these pratts can’t!
Here the founder would and did flounder, so to speak.
I was so credulous. It never entered my head at the time, that these cretins would not be able to differentiate between an action and a reaction, or that they couldn’t distinguish what they were actually doing as opposed to what they were so certain they were doing.
How do you aid indoctrinated blundering plebs?
Well, there is one way, however, it involves applying a reversed subliminal remedy.
There is also this small detail of knowing what the problem entails before you can administer it!

I so much wanted to enlighten darts people that I had found the reason and hopefully would be applauded as some kind of hero.
Little did I comprehend that these so-called sports people had swallowed the bait so deeply!

Yes, sportspeople;
Always sportspeople, even now,
I still and I always will call them sportspeople, because no matter how vindictive I have or will become,
I cannot, in true faith, deny that these people, the throwers of pointed missiles are the true artisans of all sport.
These alehouse wallowing swallowers are the descendants of the truest, original sporting, artisans, the prototype hunters!

I obviously did comprehend that there would be some scepticism.
However I was not prepared by the sheer venom directed my way, it; was appalling.
I did realise that these detractors felt basically kicked squarely in the teeth, as it wasn’t one of their heroes that uncovered the reason.
Not the motor mouth, the swaggering doctors’ certificate, the nine stone stable boy, Quasimodo or hedonically fife oh.
No, it was me a supposed nobody.
Yes, obviously all the great dart players could do this so easily at one time. It was what made them better than everyone else.
Class act Golfers, cricketers, baseball players and tennis players; they could all do it, all the great players of all true sports could do it.
Nonetheless, not one of them knew or know even now. Nor will they probably ever know how they once did this.
The artisans of their craft believed they do or did a certain thing. They can never recover it except through sheer unadulterated luck.
The powers that be have seen to that!
If fortuitously they do suffer this good fortune they will still not comprehend what it is or was
They will still believe in their own thesis and remain oblivious, this is their purgatory!
To the less fortunate, you will be left to reminisce and relate to others how good you were, telling all, that you would have been world champion instead of Bristow, Taylor, Van-Gerwen, and maybe even Anderson! however,  he is a bit special, as was Bristow.
Nevertheless, you would have more than likely been, telling the truth.
Whereas in fact they utilised a mistake, but they make it work by total misunderstanding.
We are now in the realms where the paradox and the misanthrope converge!
Another reality is they are arrogant and will also never admit to being struck down by this invisible misinterpreted ghoulie.

In fact, practically everyone has adopted a mistake, an impossibility that is accepted as the truth, a postulation in its truest, but most untrustworthy form, which basically equals belief in a prescribed doctrine.
Plus the adherence to some eggheads trusted dogmas.
It is, in essence, the basis of all paradoxes, our inability to accept that we and what we have been taught and therefore believe in, is in fact wrong! Belief in a procedure that appears to achieve an aim , whereas its an overlooked technique that is the actual response required.
You’ve been sent up the river in a canoe that’s shipping water!
Do you honestly think that these celebrities are going to enjoy ridicule?
Not from me, we have the media for that.
This garbage turns quicker than a crocodile.
The ones that have briefly gone on and basked in the limelight, sadly deserve everything that could be coming their way!
Doing something that they were so cock-a-hoop about and brandishing advice at the drop of a hat, “Godlike to us poor mortals”.
These are some of the reasons I didn’t disclose earlier!
Like I said it was going to be gratis.
Later on, someone else would have applied the action and reasoning to one of the supposedly elitist sports and probably be deemed a hero, eventually being elevated to that sports hall of fame.
Be my guest, go for it, I hope you have at least twenty five years on your hands!
However to shorten the time scale somewhat,
I suggest you adhere to the following, don’t laugh as the answer is here!
Incidentally, the criteria have changed.
No longer will the stipulation of accepting a subliminal application be adhered too, If you don’t trust or agree the offer ends whether you’ve purchased a book or not.
The other prerequisite is, you must be English. born and bred in this country, as must be your forbears and furthermore, it has to be my definition of English. Later it will be opened up to the other countries of these sceptred isles. 
And that’s as far as it goes. 
Another reason I will not let the  explication loose on the world is there will always be some dunderhead who will chime up with the “I knew that” retort. Also the English and Ukadians are more deserving than the rest. We’ve given the world so much and never blown our own bugles, unlike other also never-were’s!

When, you have eliminated the impossible.
Whatever remains, no matter how implausible?
Must, be the answer!
The impossibility is the push!

I am informing you what the impossible is, whether you take it on board is completely up to you!